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Is this wrong to do in your opinion?


Do you buy gigs that are related to your gigs just to compare your work to the other buyer’s/ to see your competition?

I’m asking just because I know this has happened to me three times and then one of my buyers, who had all writing gigs, decided she wanted to start a tarot gig with pretty much the same description as my gig, just worded differently.

It opened my eyes a little and I thought, hm, that’s actually pretty smart. I’ve purchased similar gigs in the past just because I can’t do them- palmistry, pendulum, etc. but I never saw how I fared against the other Tarot readers. I decided to purchase about two gigs, one older than mine, one newer, to see how I fared- as far as detail and delivery- against them.

Would you look down on this practice? And I mean, from a moral/ethical standpoint, not because you just don’t want to put in the same work just to get compared against.


I bought from a “competitor” because I really needed someone else’s voice on something. It’s a little different with voiceovers. There are so many styles really that some people are very clearly more appropriate for certain types of jobs. I don’t even consider the ladies doing it competition specifically because a buyer knows what they want. You want a woman doing a voiceover, that’s what you get.

Anyways. I haven’t bought from a competitor just to see how they do the job. I could see that being ok to do though. As long as all aspects of the transaction are normal, it doesn’t seem too bad or anything.


Here’s my philosophy: Everyone on Fiverr offers a service and a service that is sometimes original or something that can be done by many. On my blog and my website I didn’t create my own logo. I tried for the life of me and my artistic direction was way off base…so I hired someone else. I acted as a client, gave my specific ideas, and got amazing logos. I design logos, posters, postcards, and other graphics for a living…let me repeat that…for a living and I couldn’t create the same result if I tried. I even have ordered a digital signature off someone. ordering from your competition shows that there is always someone just as good or better than you at certain skill sets.



It is good business to look at others, and compare yourself. Where it turns wrong is when you copy what they are doing as if it were yours… I have never perchased a competitiors gig. I am confident that what I do is good because I ask my clients what they think. Keeps me honest and in touch with my clients. :wink:


Reply to @twistedweb123: Oh I wasn’t worried about making money or getting orders. I was worried that maybe I wasn’t delivering enough.

I would never copy someone else’s gig… I use Fiverr as a creative outlet and when it comes to plagiarizing just to make money, I’d probably get bored and leave the site. :frowning:


just offering and doing what you are good at and capable of, that is all what i have been doing.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Oh makes sense!

But… I always took pictures inside Toys R Us… ridiculously priced Toys R Us…


Knowing your competition is seen as good business practice, but for some reason, I don’t know why, I would just feel dirty doing this.

My sales are good and I am happy with the service I deliver - I think looking into others would just stress me out. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Based on your order amounts, I’d say you have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


I’ve never done it…

But, I see nothing wrong with it at all. :slight_smile:

So long as you are not ordering their service to completely copy them or something like that.


Reply to @twistedweb123: I totally agree with you. It would stress me out as well. I get enough stress from seeing people stealing my idea, images, and content as it is, I couldn’t handle anything else.


I’ve not done this till now, but I might just do it. I don’t think there is anything wrong to know what you’re up against. It may help me to work on my quality more or may lead to me being satisfied that I’m doing a good job. In the end, the buyer benefits because of the competition.


It’s called comparative analysis. You need to know what your competition is doing so you can learn how to fine tune or market your product. Big companies do it all the time. The other day I took my daughter to Toys R Us to get her something she wanted and at the entrance it said “No cameras”. She asked me why anyone would want to take pictures inside. I explained that competitors do this all the time and the store is just trying to guard itself and its brand. So dont feel bad if you decide to do it one day.


Na, I just do my thing and am pretty unaware of what others deliver.


Reply to @mrspanda: Hehehehe, yes, you are right, they have crazy prices in there, but I get stuff for free from Toys R Us. How? One of our credit cards pays us points to that store so every so often I take my daughter there and let her buy whatever she wants with the points. I’m no dummy. :smiley:


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Lucky girl… :expressionless: heehhee

beatcraigslist said: It's called comparative analysis.

100% correct. And I'll add mrspanda, that you did pay for the gigs. Most competitors - in any field - would be happy to be paid for you to analyze and compare them instead of just creeping around. :)


Well, until they sell cyber-binoculars, I cant really just creep. :slight_smile:

I’m honesty just interested in how much effort the other sellers put in when I compare myself to them because I would hate for a buyer to come back and say ‘Wow… this is all I got?’ o_O


With your intent, I don’t see any problems with it at all.


Just when I first started out in Fiverr 3 months ago while making my first gig I bought all (or the majority) my competitions gigs with genuine orders (around 9 orders in total) to see what their customer service was like, how well they can customise their orders etc.

I found 1 flaw in every order. None of the sellers could customise well at all.

So because of that valuable research, I created the only customisable video intro/promotional video gig on fiverr.

So because of that research it actually helped me become unique. It also gave me a good insight in how efficient the sellers captured information, one seller did it in a really clever way that that would take far too much time to even replicate.

Unless your gig is flat out unique and no one on fiverr sells anything like it.

I highly reccomend buying your competitions, indentify trends, flaws and good practices and use it to fine tune your own and add your own unique flavour.

Although that requires work, money and dedication.

mrspanda said: mrspanda
I have never done that but I can review their work