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Is this wrong to do in your opinion?


In Fiverr no, in real business life yes, it’s called bench marking, it’s good to track the trend of an industry make sure you are staying competitive. If your service is awesome, there is no need to do it here after all we all charge the same price don’t we ?

That said I have been bench marked here on Fiverr by sellers who offer similar services, but they all left positive feedback so I’m not complaining, so long as my service to my buyers remains high and I follow the rules I’m content with that.


I agree with Kuzzmedia – I do voiceovers also, and there are a few people in my niche (professional, American, female) that I really feel are “competition.” I’ve never bought any of their gigs, but I certainly check out what they’re doing – these women are obviously sucessful and are doing something right! I did recently buy a gig from another man who does voiceovers – though I bought a different service.

MrsPanda – I’m a huge fan of yours here on this forum! I think we started about the same time and we’re both doing well here! I’ve been reading my tarot cards a lot lately because you inspire me (though I am certainly NOT a professional at that!!)



Reply to @mrspanda: There are a lot of people who do that though or they sell something that they actually cannot do. I ordered a caricature one time and the gig was horrible…it was a copycat gig. I also ordered from someone who did mass tweets and she didn’t tweet what I asked at all. When ordering from someone be careful to look at thier reviews. also be careful to make sure they are qualified for your job. It is also a new trend to hire people freelance for a job you can’t do and get paid for it through someone else. Outsourcing work is very popular, almost as popular as selling an ebook, how to guide, or app or tutorial.



Reply to @kiffinyjean: Aw thank you Kiff. <3 :slight_smile: