Is this your typical Fiverr service provider?


Yesterday I responded to a video editing service offered by ********* Basic service average turnaround two days “:- ***Order Requirements You’ve filled out the requirements
Order placed and payment made – Order in Progress Expected Delivery: Dec 04, 2018
Exciting stuff! The seller is now working on your delivery. The order is due: December 04, 2018.” what a load of BS. Twelve hours later :- " *would like to cancel this order." *** Unfortunately, I am too busy for this job. My apologies
This is my first experience of Fiverr - is this typical of the “services” offered?
If you do have any standards, please remove this timewaster.

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Hi @rogerparker644,

First - per the Forum Guidelines, you need to omit the Sellers name from your post.

Second - I’m sorry to learn that the Seller responded with confirmation and then, 12 hours later sent you a notice that they needed to cancel because they are “too busy for this job. My apologies.”

This is definitely NOT typical of the Sellers here.

While I do not know this Seller, the first thing that comes to my mind is a family emergency. It could be that this person must have had a personal crisis that appeared out of nowhere. In my experience here, a Seller will advise straight away whether or not they are able to provide a service.

I’m sorry to learn this happened to you. I hope that you can find a new Seller that meets your needs and your timeline.

Be well, and best wishes with your project!


Hello, I’m so sorry for your unacceptable experience. All sellers are self employed and unfortunately some don’t realize the responsibilities of that.

I sincerely apologize for your bad experience. Most sellers are definitely not like that.


If this was typical, Fiverr would have shut down long ago, you probably had bad luck, or as Lisa said, the seller might have had an emergency, we’re all just people, not bots.

As a seller, I don’t cancel any orders as long as the buyer does not order anything that my gigs do not even offer or does not send much more work my way than they paid for.

As a buyer, from 17 gigs I bought up to now, only one had to be cancelled because the seller apparently wasn’t on the platform anymore (never delivered or even reacted), and for that, I got a refund.

You could contact the seller first before you order the next time, that should reduce chances of that happening again.


So, you have ordered from a $10 seller who asks people to message for a quote prior to ordering? Did you do that or just assume they would be fine with your project brief?


Cyaxrex does have a point. It’s always a good idea to message a seller first before ordering, especially if they request that.


Great point, @cyaxrex.

I believe the OP said he received confirmation from the Seller. And if the Seller took the time to provide the confirmation, likely the Seller would have also requested additional funds to cover the scope rather than saying he was unavailable.

"You’ve filled out the requirements
Order placed and payment made – Order in Progress Expected Delivery: Dec 04, 2018
Exciting stuff! The seller is now working on your delivery. The order is due: December 04, 2018.”

Just a thought. :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t that just Fiverr’s standard way of stating that you have placed an order, though?

IDK. The seller seemed like a very genuine person who has put a lot off effort into gigs he offers at a very discounted rate. I also need an editor myself and have made a note of him for this reason. I guess I’ll eventually find out for myself if his honest country boy good looks are just a clever marketing. gimmick.


@cyaxrex I don’t know. But on thing I do know!

What would put an end to these types of situations is an ACCEPT ORDER button.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here. This would allow Buyers to send a proposal to a Seller with their scope and budget, and then the Seller would
(1) counter with the final price based on that scope,
(2) refuse the order, or
(3) simply accept the order.

This would make a better experience for all parties. Wouldn’t it?


I’ve had potential buyers send me proposals including the price they are willing to pay. Without fail the proposals are for things I do not offer, at a price that is half what I would charge if I did do that.

There is already a standard form for that somewhere.

An accept order button, that sellers can turn on or off, would be a good idea however.


I don’t agree with an accept order button. However, I do agree with a button for sellers to click when after buyers agree they have provided all requested requirements, sellers can reject orders if they haven’t. - Or requirements don’t match what is offered.

This would result in an absolute end to my personal cancellation misery. If Fiverr wanted proof that order requirements don’t match what I offer, I could in 9/10 cases provide screenshots of my gig description and FAQs. This way, it would be easy to prevent abuse of such a feature.


They still can at any point insist on something different particularly if they are trying for a free service.

For me the two or three times this happened was when I was either ready to deliver the order, or just after it. Suddenly, everything was different, they wanted something completely different from what the gig offered.


Hey @cyaxrex and @misscrystal,

I have had the same experiences. The cancellation process is highly painful. And since CS refuses to penalize a malicious Buyer, the behavior continues.

So it sounds like you would prefer the process be

  1. A Buyer sends you a PROPOSAL and not an official order.

  2. For Sellers to have an ACCEPT button and a REJECT button for each Buyer Requirement.

  3. Sellers when clicking REJECT can type within a text field the reason why it is not accepted so the Seller understands why the Seller will not perform that particular req or scope detail.

  4. When the Seller clicks ACCEPT for each Buyer Requirement, then the Buyer and CS can use that requirement as a measurement to gauge whether or not this req has been met in the delivery.

That’s a more detailed version of what I had in mind, and I understand why it is needed as those who are new to media production believe that a magic wand is involved. :mage::sparkles:

To recap:

  1. Buyers complete the Buyer Requirements using the existing buyer reqs

  2. The proposal is sent and does NOT become an order until Seller approves each req.

  3. The Seller sends an updated cost with req specifications to share expectations

  4. The Buyer aligns with the Seller’s advisement and undergoes the proposal process again and the Seller then either accepts or rejects the proposal

  5. The Buyer abandons the process and no cancellation happens because an official order was never placed.

Do I understand that correctly?


Not quite. At present, my cancellation ratio hovers around 90% - 95%. This means that in real terms, only 1 in 10 buyers orders something I do not offer or… Well, that’s pretty much it for me.

The remaining 90% of buyers who can read and take it upon themselves to order responsibly, will feel put out by having to wait for orders to be manually accepted. This would be very bad for everyone.

My process would go as follows:

  • Buyers place orders exactly like they do now and the order countdown starts exactly like it does now
  • After an order has started, sellers have 12-hours to click a reject order button. (There would be no manual accept button)
  • After clicking ‘reject order’ sellers would have to select a reason why and provide evidence
  • If sellers don’t use the reject order feature, orders will run exactly like they do at present, with any problems being remedied via the resolution center

To keep things simple, there could be three choices to select when rejecting an order:

  • Buyer has not provided their full order requirements
  • Buyer has ordered work not offered in this gig
  • The buyer has not ordered the correct gig package

Once an order is rejected, it would be immediately cancelled and the buyer would be notified of the reason.

This system would avoid the bulk of impossible to avoid cancellations but would not affect the majority of buyers who do order responsibly. It would also be beneficial for new buyers who might innocently order the wrong kind of service.


So if I were to boil it down the new process would be:

  1. NO CHANGES: Buyer places an order and completes Buyer Reqs.

  2. NEW STEP: Sellers within 12 hours of order placement have the option to REJECT the order selecting a reason why it cannot be accepted. If rejection is not made by Seller then the order will be expected to be completed without issue.

  3. NEW STEP: If REJECTED within 12 hours of placement, the order is canceled and the Seller is not penalized and completion rate is unaffected. The message “Unfortunately your scope and the Seller’s service offering is not a match. If you wish to message this Seller regarding your detailed scope then please do so, otherwise we hope you find a Seller that meets your needs.”

So then the Buyer has the option to either submit a message to that Buyer or seek another Buyer.

Did I get that right?


This is getting much too complicated.

I can’t think of one time it was my fault there was a cancellation.



Similar to @misscrystal I have no cancellations this year which are my fault.

I did try to cancel an order which I simply didn’t want to do as it involved an insane brief, but the buyer rejected!

Every other cancellation I have stems from people like:


I do copywriting! How on Earth can people read my gig and think I will copyright logos and trademarks? I’ve even had messages and orders from people like this asking me to copyright protect words like ‘dress trousers’.

It just boggles my mind and boggles my mind more how sellers get punished for situations like this under the present system.


I had to cancel one person who threatened my life.


Don’t you just love interesting maniacs though?

At least your cancellations are like the Die Hard Trilogy. Mine are more like a Buster Keaton reruns. Entertaining to start watching but too painful to ever keep watching all the way through.


@cyaxrex :smile::joy: that’s a GREAT example! You are hilarious.

I really like your proposed process. It’s straight forward and best of all does not punish the Seller.

@misscrystal :open_mouth::sweat: oh my goodness!

I sincerely hope you never have to deal with that again. :pray: I’m glad to know that CS refunded you on the orders where there were malicious buyers, but when analytics aren’t fixed then you are up for demotion. I’ve always experienced you as a positive force, and the reality that you’ve been threatened bothers me. Holding space that you attract only the highest good.