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Is tipping sometimes discouraged by Fivver's fees?

I feel that the additional fee for tipping a seller is a little out of place, in that when I offer to tip someone for a service provided, I like to know that that specific payment is for the seller only, and do not feel comfortable with the additional fee Fivver charges me for the privilege of tipping. I think Fivver is awesome, and maybe this fee gesture is in not so great taste. Is this discouraging buyers from tipping sometimes? What is best practice?



I’m sorry you feel that way!
I do agree to some extent that Tips should have 0% fees.

BUT then people would do a $5 gig and get a $150 tip, they avoid all the fees he’s cheated the system.

You must look at this from all angles …


You’re sure? I’ve given tips on the last few gigs I bought too, but you pay the same fees on tips as on gigs, that’s $2 (or 5% for orders/tips of $40+), so you should have paid $7, not $10 for a $5 tip.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like fees on tips either, but $10 can’t be correct.


The only angle is that that Fivver is discouraging tipping. Fivver makes money on every single transaction. Hands-off the tips! Who cares if I want to tip someone $150. That’s my choice as the buyer and it is MY money to give to the seller, not Fivver. No one is cheating the system because they get a tip. Plus tips are determined by the buyer, not the seller. Also, it’s well known by many of us buyers that this sucks and is hurting Fivver as a business. It’s not an opinion, it just sucks and we all know it. See links:

Nothing personal, but obviously this is not healthy and it’s not helpful to suggest that sellers are ‘cheating’ fivver because buyers don’t want to tip fivver.




I’m not saying that buyers or sellers are trying to purposely “cheat” the system.

What I’m saying is, if there was NO fee’s on tips, Instead of the buyer purchasing a $200 gig, they will purchase a $5 gig and tip $195.

Sellers could manipulate buyers into using the Tip system instead of paying gig fees etc!


I see what you meant more clearly here, but it puts the cost onto the buyer as a punitive measure instead of actually dealing with this potential issue. This can easily be solved by having a tip cap in percentages or dollar amount just like in a restaurant, where the card reader gives the buyer a tip option ranging from 5-20%. If Fivver sees an unusally large tip amount, then they can simply go over the correspondence and deal with it from there, not pre-charge and punish me and other buyers for tipping. Instead of creatively working to manage the transactions and policies, Fivver instead just charges me to tip sellers. Imagine reading that as a feature at Fivver. Here at Fivver, you pay us a fee for the privilege of tipping sellers! It’s ridiculous and everyone knows that. But why bother listening to buyers right? I’m out. Fivver sellers are awesome and Fivver management has it’s head stuck in the sand. :wink: My thoughts are not in anyway directed at you my friend, but I have never experienced this type of put-off with any other website or service in my life. Literally no where can I find a single example in business where you have to pay a company fees in order to tip it’s workers or service providers. This is unique to Fivver, and it’s just a really negative experience. Obviously, buyers are very upset by this and many have simply stopped tipping, so the policy hurts far more people than it helps I believe. Anyway, I will not use Fivver any longer unless this changes. I like the site and services, but I feel so strongly about this that it has directly affected my desire to use the site any more. I wish you all the best and hope you have a good day.


I’ve gotten very large tips which I had to create a custom offer for, after the buyer told me how much he wants to tip me. This can happen a week or two after the original order was completed.

Just because it’s called a “tip” does not mean it’s not a payment to a seller.
A payment for nothing is still a payment.

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I’m glad people are tipping, and it’s a great way to say thank you and add incentive, but as you can read in my first post, the tip amount turned out costing me 100% more than I opted in for. That’s not right. Why am I paying Fivver to give YOU a tip? It’s just backwards is all, and I like to spend my money where I choose, not be charged a fee to be generous. : )


Yes, that’s a good suggestion to instead just build a ‘tip’ into the original order for the seller so that it gets charged as one total and not a separate fee. That balances it out I believe. Thank you.


It’s a sad day when sellers have to manipulate the system to ask buyers to include a tip inside a custom order to eliminate the $2 tip fee. Something just doesn’t sit right with me. Also, it would not be cool to assume that a buyer is going to tip you before you provide them with a service. That’s the whole idea of tipping. You give your buyer a great service and then if they feel like you have exceeded their expectations… you get a tip.

Although, I do agree with untimatefantasy that it’s unfair of Fiverr to charge a tip fee… Totally uncalled for!

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This is such an illuminating post. I hope more ppl read it. Perhaps the creation of a separate post specifically detailing the solution herein as a viable workaround. Would hate for other buyers to become similarly frustrated by what seems to be a systematic (if not unintentional) flaw. Thanks so much OP for posting.

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I agree that a secondary post detailing the statistics, the issues and proof would be a good start.

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As I said, to fiverr it’s just another payment.

That’s not how it should be.

Fiverr earn’s a LOT of money from seller/buyer fees.

Then to take a fee from a TIP is against moral standing.
I don’t agree with it, but that’s how it is.

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It’s their prerogative. Lyft lets you keep 100% of your tips, however, most passengers don’t tip, and when they do, it’s $1 to $3, so they might as well not tip.

Yesterday I was paid $8.59 for driving a passenger for 21 minutes, 8.15 miles

My passenger paid $16.96 to Lyft
Lyft platform fee: $5.37
Service fee: $3.00

That means Lyft is getting 50.65% of my money. Now imagine how much more money I would make if Lyft charged a 20% commission on everything like Fiverr does?

In fact, why are we worried about tips at all? We’re not waiters making $2.50 an hour, we don’t depend on tips.


You’re right. I know buyers don’t like paying an extra fee but tips are optional. If you don’t want to pay the fee, don’t tip.

Lately most of my buyers have been tipping me, and not $5 tips either but large ones. It’s not an issue for every buyer. I’ve been getting $50 tips and more than that lately. My largest recent tip: $600.

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I agree with @miiila. Anytime I have ordered, and I have ordered recently, a $5 tip cost me $7 not $10.


I believe you may have missed my point entirely. It doesn’t matter how big or small a tip is, it is a courtesy and a ‘thank you’ between the buyer and seller. I tip my mechanic, my landscaper and my fishing guide when I go fishing. These are all services, and none of those providers then are required to take a percentage of said tip and hand it over to the company they work for. That would be unfair and in poor taste. The tip fee for Fivver is not $2. A $5 tip in CDN dollars for example comes to $9.50. How is that reasonable? I don’t care about a $2 fee, but I do care when the fee is incurred when I decide to gift a tip to a seller. If you’re getting $600 tips, then great! You must offer a fantastic service. Can you link me to it so I can hire you if need be? Your profile comes up as ‘Private.’ Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

That is USD. For Canadians the fee is 30% higher, as is true for many other countries, as the fees are in USD. It’s simply principal. Even if the fee was 10 cents, it would still be the same issue I’m writing about. A fee charged to process a tip is not good practice, and is not standard in any other service or industry I’m aware of, as I’ve never been charged to tip someone before. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think most people here entirely understand your point and most sellers probably are not actively for the fee on tips. I agree that sellers would likely be tipped more often without the fee. The point that people are trying to make in turn is that it’s a fact of life here and that buyers can choose not to tip. Buyers who tip large amounts are probably less likely to care about the fee, so there is some validity in misscrystal’s point when it comes to the psychology of buying.

98% of active forum users are either sellers who also buy sometimes or just sellers, and neither group has control over the tip fee. If you want to tell staff your argument, it would be great. You can send them a Support ticket and it’s an awesome thing to do. There just isn’t much point in arguing about it on the forum, though it’s a public forum so you can if you wish.

You can get to any seller’s Fiverr profile by going to and just replace the word username with their real username. Even if someone has no active link to their profile, it will work and their username shows up on ever post they make. :slight_smile: