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Is to discuss about other freelancing platforms prohibited on Fiverr?

Is discussing other freelancing platforms prohibited on Fiverr?? even if it is related to your service as my service is a profile optimization and have already done 2 profile optimized for Upwork clients here. Please guide me about it.


Why do you need to discuss other platforms on Fiverr?

Go discuss those platforms on their platform.



Hi! I provide service for profile optimisation so clients ask me to optimize their profile for other platforms like LinkedIn or upwork. That’s why I need to know this

If you owned Fiverr, would you allow people to talk about other platforms and refer people there? It makes no sense, your focus is for people to use YOUR platform. Mentioning other platforms should obviously be prohibited. As @genuineguidance said, go and talk on their platforms.


I’m not sure whether it’s even allowed to optimize someone’s Upwork profile.


Well, people are doing everything they can to earn a quick buck. And most of them don’t read the rules. Then they come here to complain that Fiverr is unjust and they banned them or sent a warning. Well, whenever you don’t read the rules, that’s what happens. I am sure both of us encountered dozens of these posts…


Yes, I fully agree with you sir, but I’m new here and have no guidance at all. I just listened that its prohibited so I read all the rules but nothing about this is mentioned there. That’s why I posted here because I don’t want to earn by illegal means.

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You have thousands of topics with guidance on the forum.

You have the Fiverr FAQs, Terms of Service and Support Articles.

You have a lot of articles on how to use Fiverr online, there are even courses on how to use Fiverr on Udemy.

It’s also obvious that you can’t talk about competitors on a platform. Why would they allow that? As a platform, I want people to spend money on my platform, not on another platform.


ok thank you for your time

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