Is translating gigs into spanish increase your sells?


Hello World! I was wondering if it made any difference to you on sales translating gigs to other language.

In my case it did not made almost any difference at all.



I’m good with both English and Spanish, so I translated some of my gigs. However, most of my orders are for copywriting in English. So don’t expect a huge sales jump.


Reply to @razabukhari: i was talking about translating all your gigs to other language -


Thanks s_sayan


I don’t think so. If you have very good skills on translation like translate from ENGLISH to SPANISH or SPANISH to ENGLISH then you should go for it and try to use specific SEARCH KEYWORDS like SPANISH, ENGLISH TO SPANISH, SPANISH TO ENGLISH TRANSLATE etc which can increase your traffic and take your TRANSLATION GIG at top.

So go for it because there are so much SELLERs who are TOP RATED SELLER only because of TRANSLATION.


Not a difference at all for me. Furthermore, it messed up the rankings of the original gig. So I ended removing the translation, but the original gig is now gone from the search engine. I can not find it anywhere.

If you guys have a successful gig, don’t try to translate it. It could seriously kill your gig.