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Is using personal profile picture really affect to selling?

hello~ I’m new here since didn’t get any job during pandemic:(

actually, I’m kinda not comfortable with posting my personal picture… Is it okay to just using random picture? does it really affect to increase selling if I’m using personal picture?

kindly checkout my gig, I really need advice from all you guys since everyone seems very positive here… thankyou~


@rockethammer optimize your gigs

I use a weird little tree. It doesn’t seem to affect work here at all.

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Awesome illustration @rockethammer

ah yes… I hope my gigs is optimized enough to get selling^^ thankyou

did you promote your gigs via social media?? or just let costumer come by just searching around?

just saw your gig, your gigs are way more awesome^^

Hi, great illustrations. Regarding the question, I would say no. I have seen many top rated sellers who don’t have a personal profile picture. In most cases where you present your services, it is only the skills and quality of your work that are important.

Its totally upto you to post your picture or not. You can select any other picture other than your personal picture too. I dont thunk it will affect your selling and all.

Welcome to our community and wish u all the best :black_heart::black_heart:

Posting your picture does not get you orders your gig gets you orders. So a good gig without the ssellers pic can still land you a order.

thankyou!! I feel much better after reading this^^

yea kinda feel confident now, thankyou!!

thankyou! wish u all the best too :smiley:

yea, I just saw some comment that saying posting real picture will affect to gain trust for selling :persevere: but now I think profile picture doesn’t affect that much right? anw thankyou~

When I first got into freelancing, I was advised to to use my actual photo as a profile pic. It makes you more personable. Some clients find it easier to talk to an actual “face”.

It won’t make or break your gig and it won’t skyrocket your sales but I’d say, it’s better with it than without it.

On a downside, you may get some creeps every now and then slipping into your inbox for all the wrong reasons. Other than that, there is no downside.


ah yessss that’s what makes me afraid actually… I had some trauma with stalker:( that’s why I had so much confusion, thankyou so much for your opinion!!

Hahaha thanks. Apparently our country is same :rofl::rofl:

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wkwkwkww lol :rofl: :rofl: I was thinking about that too!