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Is vacation mode better than changing to a later turnaround time? Here's my story

I went out of town for business for 6 weeks and didn’t have the free time for voiceovers. I had to move my turnaround time to 7 days instead of 2 and with that change, the orders stopped coming in. I had one or two people buy a gig here and there, but now my views rarely exceed ten per day. I was thinking of using vacation mode before I left, but others said it dropped you in the ratings category. I’m wondering if changing the turnaround time did the same.

I’ve since moved it back to 2 days after finishing my out of town trip, but the orders have come to a screeching halt. I feel like I have a clear profile and gig but it’s getting the views that can be tough. Any tips for how to get the ball rolling again? Thanks much everyone!


Please don’t keep posting near-duplicates of the same post. I understand the inclination since you haven’t received responses, but it’s spammy to post a question repeatedly.

It is hard to come back from time away and many sellers have had this problem. I had to use Vacation Mode for a while and I’m still getting low sales, although I’m not actively promoting either since I’m waiting until I have more free time. You can search the forum for “Vacation Mode” and you’ll find others discussing this issue and offering ideas. A few I recall are promotion on social media, changing up your gigs, changing up videos or adding new ones, and creating a new gig to get that one listed under “New” in search.

The vacation button killed every one of my gigs for a straight 3 week period… I’m not kidding … I would get 5-7 messages a day from new clients… Went on a trip out of town … put it on vacation mode … and for 3 weeks I got maybe MAYBE 1 or 2 messages… 0 orders for 2 solid weeks… the 3rd week it started to flow … About a month maybe 1 and a half months later , the gigs returned to normal but have never been as good as they once were…

Note to all: its better to change your delivery times to something ridiculously long instead of putting it on vacation mode.