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Is 'Vacation Mode' only visible to sellers!?!?

…just wondering, as I’m still getting requests for orders.


No, it is visible to buyers as well. I see you on vacation now so you definitely have it on. You have to remember, though, vacation mode only works for certain things. First, people can send you questions if you’ve sent them custom quotes or if they had an active order before you went on VM.

Also, if you had open custom quotes, orders where buyers never submitted their details but the order wasn’t officially cancelled, or other types of open-ended options - those can be initiated. You want to be sure before you go on VM that all old custom offers are cancelled, all open orders are finished and any old open orders that weren’t started are fully cancelled.

If you do every single step to make sure your VM was covering everything but you are still actually getting incoming orders (not just inbox messages) you can open a ticket with Customer Support and see if they can check for glitches.