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Is video watermark removal work will violate Fiverr ToS?


Recently one buyer from us contacted me to hide a software logo from a video. Will this work will violate Fiverr ToS?


I don’t know if it violates Fiverr ToS, but I’m sure it violates ToS of the software so you’d be promoting piracy. I’d definitely tell them no.


Why would you even think about doing something dishonest?


I prefer not to go while stepping forward but you even don’t know what might happen.


It’s not ok. It’s illegal. Don’t do it.


Your business and understanding of business are inherently faulty if you think you need to consider doing illegal, unethical things to get business. You don’t and nothing justifies promoting piracy.


True ! I really appreciate to be here with some honest & real people.


@sabya_ads posted the watermark question, not @zamil_ahamed. Unless it’s the same person.


I’m glad you asked the question rather than going ahead and doing it. You have my respect for that.


Don’t do it :slight_smile: If the client published it in somewhere like youtube probably It’ll be caught. what happened if client said someone from fiverr marketplace did this ? the entire fiverr reputation will stick a black mark ! be intelligent don’t help to do illegal things. honest is everything



I know thanks. I was referring to something else.


My bad, then. :slight_smile: I didn’t understand what @zamil_ahamed said in that post, anyway. :slight_smile:


Haha no worries. I should quote to make things clear.


I didn’t say any difficult words anyway :smiley:


That’s something, I guess.


If your work infringes the IP rights or ToS of a third party, it automatically violates the Fiverr TOS.
So yes!
Why is it that some people can’t come up with something legal for a change? Then you wouldn’t have to ask questions like that.


I just reported to Fiverr about that buyer.


If I write “dog cat baby flowers pretty anyway stepping backward”, the words themselves may not be difficult, but the sentence doesn’t make sense.


Check the photos. I am seeing the same person. :neutral_face:


Sometimes peoples never get the point on easy way but only know how things turn on complicated way.