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Is videos help to increase sales



Is videos help to increase my gig sales. Fiverr says videos help to increase sales by 300%. Any suggestions or ideas


My personal experience fiverr video not increase my sale but some people says that its increase


No, I had added one video but no increase on sales. Let see what happen in one month.


@bigve yes same case with me video only help you when you get 3 or 4 positive reviews


Thanks guys for sharing your experience :slight_smile:


I think it really depends on what you’re offering. For example, I’m offering video editing so a nicely edited intro video about me is a nice touch that shows people what i’m about and can def help convert. But if you’re doing something like kindle book covers, it may not have the same result.


Grammar helps too.


Reply to @jaycj29: Yes you are right I’m doing designing work and its my personal experience that fiverr not increase my sales after adding video…


Osman shahbaz


Thanks for tip guys :slight_smile:


Reply to @jaycj29: thanks jaycj