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“is waiting for an update from you for 7 days.”

Order has completed. There is no option for send revision. Following message is showing,
“is waiting for an update from you for
7 days.”
Can any friend explain the reason for this message with a completed order?
Time countdown is running, now 7 days. How

*How to fix the above problem?

Regards KD Don(pixel4graphic)


If the order is completed there shouldn’t be any issues. But click onto the order page itself and scroll down to see if there are any messages that you may have missed. Has the buyer accepted the delivery yet?


yes,He has completed the order,

Can you screenshot the notification or the problem

Thats a bug !
When buyer drop a last message and directly completes order that notification of Buyer waiting remain there for the rest of the time…( not always though )

When a few days ago I was going though my completed orders I saw a few orders with red texts that they are waiting for the updates from me and days where almost 180 -220 and more…

But that never created any issue to me !

Here is one of them

It happened to me as well, it’s a bug from Fiverr’s system.

As I was scrolling through my completed orders I saw a text in red saying “_______ is waiting for an update from you for 36 days”, I immediately contacted CS and sent them the screenshot and they confirmed it was a bug of the system and didn’t in any way affect my stats.

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Check the screenshot

,But the photo was not attached to the order. He sent it to me when he was talking to me.Check the screenshot