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Is we can change title of gig?


is we can change the title of gig little bit not full because i change but url not change how it effect my gig.thanks in advance


You can’t change the URL of your gig but you can change the title.

They title needs to bear some resemblance to the service offered in the URL of the gig.


Your title can be changed but your URL will not change.
If you want to change the URL as well as the title, you need to delete your gig and create a new gig. Choose the title carefully as you create a new gig as that will become the URL to your gig. Even if you change that title in the future.


thank you for your suggestion.but if i can change how it effect my gig


thank you.its mean it not effect my gig .because i just change from and to or


Maybe this can help answer your question


You can change your gig title as you like as long as it bears some resemblance to the URL.