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Is working on fiverr is better than job?

Me and my friend both cleared high school at same time. I started engineering because of getting good college. She was not intelligent to get good enough college. So she dropped from studies and started fiverr and upwork. After 3 years,now she is at level 2 on fiverr and one of the top seller on upwork. In my college, I have no idea that even I can get job or not. So I started fiverr, 2 months ago and today my friend is making more money than an experienced engineer.
Here is my profile:
I am laughing on myself. How God can play you have no idea? May be in future, something is better for me.
What’s your views?


as anything else, it greatly depends o my opinion. you may make more money, but it depends on you and your capabilities as much as i think. for example, i’m learning here, however, i don’t really make money here. i still make money from the information that i learn.
what to choose depends on your own preference and methods.

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