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Is yahoo e-mail account creation service allowed here?

Before I create a gig about e-mail creation service (phone verified), just want to make sure that it is allowed? or is it against fiverr TOS?

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Anyone can create a Yahoo account for free. Because of this, I imagine Yahoo would greatly disapprove of you trying to sell their free services for a personal profit. Most businesses will ban you for doing this. I therefore recommend that you offer a service that YOU own, and can sell at a fair and legal profit.


It’s against Oath TOS, and therefore against Fiverr TOS:

(…) Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:
(…) violation of a third party’s terms of service


I think it’s against the Fiverr tos so I would advise you not to offer such service

No. It’s not allowed. Creating verified email, social media accounts, or accounts for any online service provider, is against their TOS. (Meaning you would be infringing Yahoo’s TOS.)

In this case, your gig would get closed down.


You are completely right about this