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Is your Fiverr app not refreshing?


Hello Fiverr family

I just wanted to stop by and leave a tip on how to get your Fiverr app to refresh.

I was getting new messages on my computer but they were not being refreshed on my phone.

The way I got it to work isi to pull down on your screen twice and your app messages and notifications will refresh.

Hope this helps someone and let me know if you have any questions.

Pastor Dre


yes this problem is with the iPhone users. Thats what I do as well. :+1:


I think the new Update is somehow better. It automatically refreshes when you open the inbox. :+1:


Hi @saddu_writer - Yes it took me some time to figure it out, but now I am able to keep up with my chats and messages via my app.
Before I would have to hope that the message appeared when I checked it, even though the alert would pop up.


Some how mine is still not refreshing. I just got a message alert a few minutes ago of a question from a potential client, went to check it and the inbox still didn’t show the new message. Pulled down on the screen twice and there it is, the new message.



Did you update your fiverr app?


Hi yes I updated my fiverr app.