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Is your gig traffic down? Keyword gig search bug

[Edited: I was able to fix this and I noted what I did later on in this thread]

So, I have a fundamental problem that I fear is affecting the ability for buyers to find me, and thus my ability to earn. This is a relatively new problem, and unfortunately fiverr support believes this is a new feature request. I’m hoping that a fresh pair of eyes might help me find a workaround. Here’s the problem:

I have several gigs, two of which are “spokesperson” gigs. Occasionally I do searches for this keyword to keep up to date regarding what sellers are offering services such as mine. Sadly, you can no longer find my “spokesperson” gigs via search for that keyword (it use to work fine).

For reference, one of my gigs has the keyword “spokesperson” in the Gig subject, URL string, tags, and a number of times in my gig description. Here’s my gig for your review:

Curiously, when you do a search for the term “spokesperson” you get results that show up that have no mention of the keyword. In fact, the MAJORITY of search results are absolutely bogus. What these “bogus” results have in common is that each includes a subset of the compound word “spokesperson.” So what you’ll find in the bad results are references to root variations like “person”, “personalize”, “spoken”, etc.

To see what “should” show up in a fiverr search for this category, you actually have to do a Google search typing “spokesperson” then click on the Google video tab. I’ll estimate that fiverr is suppressing over 200 gigs from people offering “spokesperson” services via this keyword search. This isn’t just me, it’s a general failure to match the services the buyer wants, with the services that sellers provide.

As a workaround, I thought it would be logical to edit my gig and include some of the root words I noted earlier, “person”, “personalize”, “spoken.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t work either. Nothing I can do to these gigs has any affect in regard to the search behavior for the keyword that’s critical to my gig.

While my conversion rates hold pretty steady, I’m losing views and clicks, and I think that there’s a good chance that this is why. At least, I think this is a reasonable assumption. But given that support seems to think that a keyword search for “spokesperson” is feature enhancement for later consideration, I’m hoping someone here might have a suggestion for a work around. In my opinion, not only do failures like this negatively affect my ability to earn, but anything that prohibits fiverrs ability to “match a seller to a potential buyer” has a negative revenue impact to them as well. Apparently I wasn’t able to make that case either.

Any feedback is most appreciative. And for what it’s worth, if you think you might have a similar problem, I’m happy to work with you to find a resolution too.

Thank you,


Reply to @itsyourthing: Well, I’m making progress as I now have my other white screen spokesperson gig showing up as expected. As soon as I can figure how to replicate it with my other spokesperson gig, I’ll post the magic formula in this thread :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that sometimes my paused gigs show up in search by mistake, which is clearly an anomaly, so I’m working from the premise that there are various triggers to index/re-index a gig. More to come.

tsweezey said: In this case, resolution appears to be up to me, so that's all I'm trying to do is to figure out a way for people to find me via search.

I dig it, but you're going on the assumption that Fiverr has included your gigs (or the other sellers' gigs) to be found.

And the fact that you're presenting your concerns with far more consideration to details than Fiverr ever displays, just be careful that you don't end up disappointed that there may be no "resolution". You're a TRS so maybe it will work out well.

Thanks for the feedback @itsyourthing :slight_smile:

I’ve already contacted CS and, as noted, they said they’d turn it over to a project manager for future consideration of an “enhanced search feature.” As for fiverr not guaranteeing that I don’t show up in search, I think it’s bigger than that since my colleagues don’t either. Preference is given to non-relevant gigs which to me illustrates the potential for a bigger problem that might well translate to a failure with their search index, or the ability to index compound words. Not to mention, a behavior that historically worked as expected.

I would have been perfectly happy to have had support simply tell me "Yeah Tim, that’s weird, and this might well be a bug and I can see how this might affect you. I’ll route it accordingly to a team that can better evaluate."

In the end, they are a marketplace, and I’m just a vendor trying to make a buck :slight_smile: In this case, resolution appears to be up to me, so that’s all I’m trying to do is to figure out a way for people to find me via search. Maybe I’ll stumble onto something.

I’m guessing that you aren’t aware of the fact that Fiverr does not guarantee that any of a seller’s gig will show up in search at all. The only place they do guarantee they will always display is on a users profile page.

It’s possible that there is a search ‘bug’ (the place is loaded with them), or that they have intentionally re-worked the search function again (which is just as likely to cause other bugs).

You can contact customer support about the issue, but most likely if it is a problem, they are or will be trying to fix it, and if it’s intentional on their part, you’ll just be wasting time. Of course, if you’re not making sales right now, it could be something to do while you wait. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @tsweezey: When I tried to post my response to this I kept getting a giant “You’re blocked!” pop-up. Maybe you can look into that at some point too! :slight_smile: Best of luck!

Reply to @itsyourthing: Great, one more fiverr problem I have to troubleshoot. Argh.

Reply to @tsweezey: No need. This one cleared up on its own. It’s so adorably frustrating how many things go wrong and get sorted and then go wrong again in a typical Fiverr day. “Adorably” wasn’t the first adjective that came to mind. :wink:

Well, it took a bit of headbanging, but now my gigs appear where they should. Specifically, when you do a search for “spokesperson” you’ll see my “spokesperson” gigs! How novel eh?

As expected, I’m already getting messages and orders that more closely resemble the pattern I use to see prior to the search failure I’ve noted. Today, I’ve already seen an increase by at least 4x and its’ still early. I figured that of the 70 gigs that show up for this search, only a third are relevant, and that about 200 relevant gigs are omitted (based on a similar google search). So while it’s good for me, it’s really not good for my colleagues that don’t show up. So my previous disadvantage might now be an unfair advantage. The only fair thing to do now is to share with the community :slight_smile:

Here’s the problem, while I can tell you what I did, I can’t tell you which of these steps is necessary and which is not. So if you have the same problem that I do (different keyword perhaps), try this…

  1. The problem appears to be with compound words. In this case, “spokesperson”. You’ll want to pay close attention to the bogus search results that appear. As I noted earlier, you’ll see gigs that mention “spoken”, “personal”, “personalized”, etc. Add to the bottom of your gig something like “keywords: spoken, spokes, personal, personalized”

  2. If you are like me, the addition to the suggested keywords above probably won’t work by itself. So try pausing your gig, then activate it again. The assumption is that pausing your gig should prompt the system to stop displaying your gig in search results, while re-activating might prompt it to add it back to the search index. This seemed to work for me.

  3. The only other thing I did was delete some older paused gigs that I’m not offering anymore. I don’t think this had a bearing though.

    As I noted, I can’t say what steps are necessary vs. which aren’t. But if you have a gig that isn’t showing up in search results, and you don’t have any luck with customer service, feel free to drop me a message. Good luck!

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Reply to @itsyourthing: I know what you mean, but I’ll take a small win anytime! And for what it’s worth, both my spokesperson gigs are now showing up as they should :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input. I have received advertisement emails from fiver including my gigs that I have had paused for months. It was interesting.

Hi Tim,

Hope you are well.

I was modified my best selling gig keyword tag after that my gig is down. My gig impression was 9k now it’s 2.7k and till now it’s going to down. I have regularly promoted my gig via social media but gig impression is not anymore increase.