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Is your inbox working now?

Not sure its my flash update issue or fiverr inbox not working today
I read same msg million times but it still show as unread

Will you please check yours and let me know?

I don’t understand what that post was for! unread and sent.

You can open the inbox and read messages and send messages. Why you want to confuse people that inbox is not working by sending different links.

I just wanted to know half loading inbox is just a my problem or its a site bug
I don’t need to waste others time so i add URLs to my post, They only have to click and check
I can always send a support ticket but it take less time to get support from forum

Mine is not working. :l

The new notifications inbox is impossible to use, as as soon as I scroll to the eight message, the scroll bar resets back to top, so I can’t see more than 7 messages.

And since yesterday, whenever I open a message on the inbox page in a new tab (Middle mouse), it opens both in the new tab and on the same tab.

Now it could be my noscript breaking something, but without that my sound card makes a weird click sound everytime I use Fiverr, lol.

Some messages aren’t working at all. As you said, you open it, read it, and still it shows as unread. I needed to reply to that message so it doesn’t show as unread anymore.

Also, it is weird full screen inbox now…