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👑 Is your new client a V.I.D.? FIVERR'S NEWEST FEATURE ❗

Have you seen this message yet on your clients orders?


To copy/paste my response from another topic on the subject:

This is seriously getting tiresome. Not only it implies that your usual service is anything but excellent, it also probably feeds similar notifications to the buyers. How they’re a valued customer and are entitled to receive something stellar, fabulous, wonderful, above and beyond all expectations. Similar to how Fiverr’s Choice is handled.


“A V.I.D. will receive exclusive benefits and guidance”

Hmm, I wonder what exactly these perks are?


Just curious, what are these exclusive benefits? Will the get special discount or cash back?

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It might be another way that fiverr is trying to get less than great sellers to step up their game, at least with the most valued buyers.

It also is a way to make those who place lots of orders feel special. It looks like it’s open to those buyers who regularly place several orders a month.

I can see why they want to put sellers on notice not to have any mishaps with these frequent buyers.

Some things are an effort to get the worse performing sellers to improve.

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It appears to be a more amped up version of a Top Buyer. And we all know the downsides of working with someone who knows they are a Top Buyer and wants to be treated as such.

I didn’t get any of these yet but I just cancelled my second Fiverr’s Choice because the person placed an order and went: “I want something different from what you do but I don’t know what lol”. This attitude is prevalent with these kinds of orders.

I feel like it’s setting the seller up to fail a little bit. Which we as sellers could really do without.

I’d probably prefer not to see these notifications on my end. Pamper the buyers all you want, let me work in peace. I don’t believe you can consistently pressure someone into doing a good job if they are otherwise unable to.


No idea. …

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There might not be many of these V.I.D. s coming along. There might be very high standards for this in terms of buying frequency. I doubt if it will have an effect on us hopefully as long as we keep doing our usual excellent work.

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I read it a bit differently.

It suggests we sellers ought to treat buyers differently based on how much business they bring Fiverr. Overdeliver and kiss up (cough)

When we should be delivering the same quality and experience to everyone (relative to the scope and payment).

If Fiverr wants to reward people who bring them a lot of commissions, fine. But that’s Fiverr’s responsibility. Not mine.

I understand that they want to incentivize sellers to produce better quality, but I feel this is the wrong approach. The sellers who are performing poorly largely do so because they’re incompetent, not because they’re holding back.

It could be handy for us to know someone is a common buyer, sure, but this approach is just gross in my opinion.


I also had the same thought at first.
but let’s see on the bright side, with this V.I.D status, we can be more careful dealing with such buyers and we can offer them more, hope they will choose us for their next / other project, they are frequent buyers on Fiverr after all.

No, you can’t offer the buyer more work. You’d get a warning. You can only offer them something if they ask for it.

This service isn’t a free pass for us to spam people for extra work or higher volume work, but it could certainly encourage spam.

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It doesn’t sound like fiverr expects us to do anything extra or more work. Basically just deliver good work on time.

Topic already in discussion! Fiverr Introduced Buyer Levels

But we should be doing that anyway for everyone and that’s why it’s insulting and counter-productive.

Fiverr’s pretty much admitting that at least some sellers need an added incentive to be professional and provide high quality while also neglecting the reasons that isn’t happening.


It’s seriously how it reads to me. Well, either this or “Provide excellent service as opposed to your usual nonsense”.

We’ll have to see sellers’ feedback on the overall quality of buyers they are getting with these orders, of course.


I read it that way, too.

It baffles me how tone-deaf Fiverr can be.

It’s also kind of hilarious if they actually think that some sellers deliver garbage because they’re holding back. No, it’s actually because they don’t know what they’re doing and they have no ethics and they’re lazy.

“Sure I’ll become a talented, thoughtful seller even though I currently suck – gotta make sure Fiverr gets more commissions!”


I mean, if I squint really hard, I can sort of read it as: “This buyer is seriously awesome, we verified it. If they stick with you, you’ll have wonderful experiences all the time. You’ll get tips, 5* and no revisions.”

But how can you verify that? I’ve encountered my share of Top Buyers with 5* across the board who were a nightmare to work with and would justify their behavior with the fact that they brought a lot of money to the platform.



They’re defining VIP simply by amount of purchases, not by quality. It’s about how many commissions they bring in Fiverr, not how nice and effective they are for sellers.

But we’re supposed to throw our hands up in excitement for Fiverr about the opportunity to drive their commissions up even higher for something that doesn’t necessarily improve our working experience and may even make it worse.

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I have to agree with @lenasemenkova and @humanissocial.

I find the V.I.D. wording highly patronising. The implication is that as a seller I’m not already doing my best to establish good relationships, and that I could do better. I resent this implication. As a loyal seller with steady 5 star feedback over seven years, you should know that I’m already doing a great job and earning you money.

In a corporate organisation, the suggestion that a worker isn’t performing to the best of their ability when it’s not backed up with facts is known as workplace bullying. It is a very serious offence that can land employers in very hot water. Just because we are freelancers, it doesn’t mean we should be assumed to be guilty of slacking.

This V.I.D. programme (I’m British) is just yet another way to unnecessarily further fragment the Fiverr marketplace. Sadly, I suspect this will give some buyers a sense of entitlement that could lead to some sellers being leaned on in order to ‘over deliver’ on work. This is very wrong.

There are good and bad sellers in just the same way that there are good and bad buyers. Let feedback be the judge for all. Poor performers soon get highlighted. This V.I.D. programme is unnecessary.

Fiverr, what you need to do is to sort out the weak no-hoper sellers who plague this platform. This will leave behind the good sellers. Good sellers will not work with scammer buyers, who will eventually pack up and leave. And in this way, the entire marketplace will be cleaned up.

Wong move at the wrong time.


I agree it’s a form of bullying, yeah!

I also find it so arrogant that we’re supposed to perform at a different level for these folks even though we don’t get anything out of that. Fiverr is framing us lining the corporation’s pockets as a kind of favour to us. It’s patronizing, too.

It also frames it as some sort of perk that we’re lucky enough to work with buyers who buy a lot. Gee golly! Haha That’s not a perk. That’s literally just a transaction.