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Is Your Skills Underutilized on Fiverr

I have been on Fiverr since 2014, for the past year orders have been very minimal although I have maintained 5 stars and a 99% positive rating. Are you experiencing the same problem?

A skill has little value if buyers don’t understand why they need it :wink:
If you’re not getting orders then review your gigs and marketing efforts to make sure buyers see you and understand why they need your services.


Thank you for your comment, I have reviewed by Gigs several times and nothing has changed.

Have you actually DONE anything to change things? :wink:

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Yes Jonbaas I have, any suggestions, please do not be harsh.

To be honest, I recommend reading the forum article that @uxreview linked to above. That’s an excellent place to start.

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Thanks for your comment, I just find it rather strange that after my initial first 2 years on Fiverr my Main Gig profile was suddenly moved and since then my orders have diminished.

Your competitors are working their butts off to get as many orders as possible. If you aren’t doing the same on daily basis, then you’ll be left behind. Fiverr expects 100% of you every day, that’s why they implemented monthly evaluations. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here.
Having a 5-star rating is great, but if you’re not making sales then someone with 4.8 rating and a lot of orders will probably get more visibility.

I don’t know your target audience so I probably can’t give you much advice, but here’s what I did

  • I started asking from all my clients why did they choose me (optional question in the gig requirements)
  • Based on that information I revamped my gigs.
  • I added a video, rewrote my gig descriptions and focused on different keywords
  • I optimized my work process to deliver faster and I know exactly why I can ask 10 times more than my competitors.
  • When I didn’t have enough orders on Fiverr I took some courses and focused on my outside clients.

If you feel that you’ve done everything in your power and nothing has changed then maybe it’s time to focus your energy on something else. Fiverr shouldn’t be your only revenue stream. I work on Fiverr so that I can fund my hobbies and travel the world.


Thanks for your response it is appreciated. I am an Administrative Professional and this is not my only revenue stream.

Thank you for this excellent information.

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