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Is Zoom Calling App is allowed on Fiverr?

Hi guys,

I want to know that if I have to look into the clients’ problems on his account through the zoom call app, which is through the screen sharing option, Is this allowed on fiverr?

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Only if you have the option on the order page … Zoom calls are only available for some sellers at the moment , if you don’t have the option on the order page don’t do it


Only Fiverr business account has the zoom function, and only usable when an order has been made (I think).

my client wants to talk with me on zoom call and he send me the link

DO NOT talk on zoom (unless it’s part of a gig, AFTER an order has been made).

Otherwise, It can get you banned from FIVERR.

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As I read in another thread they said you can do talks outside of fiverr as long as it’s really neccassary.
Like language teaching etc wouldn’t be possible without a call like that.

For giving instructions it’s better for you if the buyer tells you everything in the gig messages - if there is anything wrong you dont have a proof for support.

I last week told my buyer if he needs to explain by voice he can record a message and send the file to me via the fiverr messages.

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Guys thank you for your replies and helping me out