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Isn't 20% too much?


Actually a tiered ratcheting like that isn’t a half bad idea. But then, the level of the service they provide scales with the seller level to an extent, so there is an argument against it too.


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I didn’t know this. I thought all levels were at 20%. Motivation…


No, not at all, it’s fair. Remember it’s an international career platform and working for free everyone.


I used to like this idea but then wondered if that would make Fiverr decide to promote new sellers more than the others which would probably affect incomes more than the 20%.
If there was a tiered system then I would like it to be based on monthly earnings instead.
So say first $2000 is 20%, next $2000 is 15% and anything over that is 10% for each month.


It still would make fiverr put high earning gigs lower and lower in the rankings.


It’s okay!
But what’s itchy to me is cutting charges on Tips