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Isn't bartering against TOS?

Barter = when you offer your services in exchange for some else’s services without exchange of cash.

Like I do my mechanic’s website in exchange for fixing my car.

I found this on buyer’s requests.

Barter would mean Fiverr is not getting its commission

I would think so. Report it to Trust and Safety.

I found it while trying the Fiverr app.

Now I am on my laptop. I find it interestingly that there is a FLAG/REPORT button for the forums but for buyers request section, nothing.


It’s interesting.

I know right? I hope they get that function soon. I’m so annoyed with all the useless buyer requests. I wonder if the requests really do get reviewed.

i start see many errors in this site :smirk:

There are some glitches, but lack of a feature isn’t really an error. Regardless, the same number of actual buyer requests would be there either way, I just scroll past what isn’t useful, including a lot of real buyer requests that aren’t right for me.

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I rarely visit the :poop:pool, but when I do take a look, avoiding the :poop: sellers spam is easy by removing the request or me getting the hell out of the pool. I just don’t have time to take screenshots/report each violator. It would be nice if Fiverr added a report :triangular_flag_on_post: button, but like everything else, it’s wishful thinking. :dizzy:

Miro and everyone who hasn´t yet and wants to, please vote on report button(s) for BR and/or bump this thread, maybe Fiverr will take it into account if we can present them 1 thread with lots of people asking for it, instead of having it spread throughout the forum. Well, we can hope, right? I´ll send a ticket and the link to CS, once there are 50 votes.

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I think in the same respect that the TOS violating requests slip through, genuine requests would be removed as a result of flagging/reporting. Perhaps it would be a counterproductive feature and increase the workload on support.

Ultimately, the alternative to a report button on the buyer requests section, and the solution in this case, is to report their gig or account using reference to the buyer requests post

Yes, those points have been made, of course, and you´re right, but the forum flagging system isn´t that simple either, it could be something like that, like if a certain number of reputable sellers flags a post, it would be sent to staff to check it.
At the moment it´s really a bit suboptimal, with all the seller spam getting through while genuine buyers come to the forum and seek for help because their genuine requests did not get through.