Isn't it against Fiverr TOS to link or mention your outside service on Fiverr?


Or at least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe as I’ve seen this no no mentioned many times. However, I just clicked on a gig of a Top Seller who is clearly linking and mentioning their outside business in their gig.

This seller has been around for quite some time, so no way this isn’t known about. It’s not that I care that they are but if this is okay to do, I’d sure like to link an outside business of mine.

Maybe I’m missing something? :-/


Reply to @bachas85: I didn’t think so. They do thousands of orders and the link is there, I clicked on it and it went to their outside site.

Oh well, I know if I tried it with my few orders I would be banned immediately.


I would’ve reported it. I’ve reported a seller who was doing the same thing and CS removed their link. Its not fair for people to do so. At least be slick about it. Lol


Reply to @musiclover: I can’t see how CS doesn’t already know about this. This person brings in huge dollars to them so maybe they are ignoring it. But yes, definitely not fair to everyone else.


It could be that the link was added after the seller had been active for a while, because if a gig has been approved and works, then CS might not look it over again (even when it’s edited, unless there’s a big change maybe) and so it’s “allowed” because they don’t know about it. It’s the same with when they changed that you couldn’t have words in your images - I had two gigs that had words in them that weren’t removed or anything (even after I’d edited the gig – I have since changed the image of both and removed the text) but when I did a new gig, it was rejected and the only thing I can imagine it was rejected for was that I had text in the image (it was a photo of me holding up a sign with text… which is another thing, there’s a lot of gigs offered with people writing things with items or on their body etc, and they seem to still be allowed to have text in their images).

I find it odd that CS didn’t check the gig over before they made the seller Top though, unless the link was added after the fact – which would mean that the seller did it on purpose, even knowing they shouldn’t, because I can’t imagine that any one becomes a Top seller without being very active on the site and aware of what’s going on.

So like musiclover, I’d report it.


Reply to @marsch001: Yes this could all be the case.

I’m not interested in reporting them, I was just curious about the what they were doing.


Reply to @newopp: You’re not interested in reporting them?! :-/ I might as well post links on my account since no one cares about sellers stealing traffic and violating TOS.


I have noticed it done sort of cleverly located not in the ad, but in the pdf file they send as either part of the gig delivery or message. Those are usually your super sellers or highly ranked. It happens.


Reply to @musiclover: I wouldn’t report you either :wink: . I understand your point but I don’t want to get into being the fiverr police (unless they are paying me) because there are soooo many things getting violated on here daily and will forever be. So I think if I were to report this one, I would have to report all the other violations I see.

I’m just trying to make sure I stay clear and see what I can do to bring some more sales to my gigs.


Reply to @wampdog: Oh yes, I’ve seen this many times as well.


Reply to @newopp: Fiverr isn’t popping for me right now, so its no big deal. But I hear ya.

newopp said: but I don't want to get into being the fiverr police (unless they are paying me) because there are soooo many things getting violated on here daily and will forever be. So

In just about any other situation I'd say "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!" But Fiverr is special (and by special I mean totally ****** up.) Who has the time to clean up the mess? When it's literally a matter of a single click, sure, but any more than that, absolutely not worth it.


Is it difficult to report someone?


Reply to @newopp:

CS would not jeopardize the integrity of the site for one seller. Successful businesses are not built by breaking ground rules.


Okay I just looked again at the gig. Maybe they are reading this thread as they have taken out the link but their outside name is still in the description. Also I don’t see how fiverr doesn’t know as their outside name and logo is in their video which is view by them personally, correct?

As I said, they’ve done many thousands of orders so I’m just going to keep quiet before they find a reason to remove me for meddling. LOL


Its a clique mate, Fiverr is made up of favs, i am beginning to think some of these top sellers are in fact working for Fiverr or part of there team in some respect. The same gigs keep popping up, many with external links.


Reply to @celtic_druid: LOL


Reply to @kjblynx: I know about being able asking to get certain gigs. I was only speaking about external links that are clearly obvious which I’m told is against the rules. Two different thing.


Newopp, where can you see how many orders a gig has?


Reply to @print_it: It show in their queue and votes give you the least number of gigs completed as everyone doesn’t leave a review.