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Isn't it against Fiverr's rules for someone to have 2 accounts?

I have a doubt, I know that it is forbidden to have more than 1 account in Fiverr being the same person, but what if that person uses it to offer another type of service?

For example, I am a voiceover artist (seller level 0) and I also have experience in the area of graphic design but I can not offer it because I do not have more Gigs available, and also I am known as an artist, not as a designer and I do not think I can succeed in that account where I already know me otherwise. So I decided to create a new account in Fiverr where I show all my potential in the area of graphic design. Again, it’s just an example story.

I think Fiverr forbids this to avoid self buying and false reviews (let me know if I’m wrong or if there’s a more important reason) but if this person wants to express all his skills, can he have Fiverr’s approval?


It is 100% illegal. It’s better to have two unrelated gigs- calculus and cooking advice, carnivore and vegan advice, but never two accounts.

It is perfectly normal for VO artists to have other skills besides VO. Some of my competitors are also graphic designers, some write radio and record it and mix it with sound and music, etc.

Fiverr is not going to test your abilities. If you say you can design logos, the marketplace will decide if that’s true. That’s why you should never sell anything you can’t do. Using a logo generator is not graphic design, and smart clients will catch you when they demand revisions and you can’t comply.

P.S. I think Fiverr forbids multiple accounts because they don’t want hundreds of cloned gigs. If a buyer searches “logos” and he finds 10 logo gigs from the same guy, using multiple accounts, that’s not good for the marketplace or the buyer.


So they will have to wait until they are more advanced level sellers to be able to create more Gigs?

But I’m not talking about people creating accounts to offer the same thing, but to offer a completely different service (not clones).

Each level lets you create a maximum number of gigs. I would focus on creating quality gigs vs. creating 5 versions of the same gig.

It doesn’t matter, one person cannot have two accounts. Besides, why would you want that? Who wants to remember two login names, two passwords, two PayPal accounts, etc? And here’s the thing, if Fiverr notices the same person login from the same computer into two different accounts, they’re gonna shut you down. Maybe ban one account, maybe both.

Read the Terms of Service, stick to the rules, don’t do anything funny even if you see others doing it.


I was just asking to know, I’m not doing anything “funny” hahaha.

Thank you very much for your time! :grin:

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No problem :slight_smile:

It’s good to ask questions, just for curiosity’s sake.

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I hope you mean you are using your one account both on your laptop and pc, which of course is fine. You can use your one account on as many devices as you like. More than one account is not allowed and can, and will if you get caught, lead to not losing just the surplus accounts but even all of them if you’re unlucky.


About 1.5 years ago I tried to create 2 accounts, inspired to try fiverr, and wanted to separate types of gigs as the categories are very different and account name would not fit a lot the other. Anyways, when I tried to activate the 2nd account it would not allow because as I was explained only 1 phone can be attached to an account (apparently IP as well).

Most than that unfortunately something did not suit fiverr in the description and they denied 2 gigs (weblink I think, did not know it was forbidden). Because I spent actually over 2hs trying to compose them properly, it discouraged me from continuing).

Yes it’s Illegal ! Use only 1 Account

Yep completely a violation of ToS.