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Isn't it considered already as a late delivery?


Because it isn’t marked late by Fiverr yet.
My precious seller hasn’t responded to me for 5 hours.


If it’s not yet marked late then I don’t know. It is officially late when it’s marked late I would think.


It seems a bit strange to me because I placed this order on Feb 24, 4:23 pm with 3 days delivery…


It’s up to you if you want to cancel it. I think you have a certain amount of time to wait until you can cancel it. Personally I would want to cancel any order that is late.

Hopefully someone will add to this and let you know when you are able to cancel it without asking the seller first.


Definitely. I really need this stuff or find someone else asap if she/he isn’t able to do this for me.


I believe it’s canceled if it’s 24 hours late with no message from the seller.


So if he/she decides just writing something irrelevant to me, can’t I just cancel it without his/her permission?


In that case, you could contact CS and get the order canceled without requiring any permission from the seller. :smile:



I decided to give him/her time to finish my project till I find another seller! :slight_smile: