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Isn't it hard to survive with terrible communication skills?


Someone can’t survive on mere skills. For me English is kinda third language and sometimes i just can’t focus on what the other guy is trying to say.Most of them are leaving good reviews but i’m not satisfied with my communication skills.
When i look back on what i’ve written in the proposal i don’t feel good.The only way I’ve found to improve my writing skills is to just write write write whats in your mind.I live XD in a country where English is the major thread to everyone.
Any words of wisdom from a native English speaker.Would love to hear from you guys.


Are you sure about this? You “leave” in a country…?


just mentioned earlier i suck at writing… that was a nice an example isn’t it…


I dont think you are that bad. There are people out there who are nightmare when it comes to communication.


Hello @danigraph ,

I know it’s hard for you, to talk in English! But I suggest you to search for online courses and you will learn English! It’s very important to learn English, if you want to work with people from all countries! But why you don’t try to make gigs in your native language ??

But you can learn English online and also FREE!

See this link can help you:

Also you can find many other courses where you can learn English and will help you to improve your English skills!

Also write on discussion there on Fiverr Forum and this will help you to improve your English skills, I think all here are ready to help you!

If someone say “You have an mistake on your post” don’t worry because their goal it’s to help you and not to find mistakes!

Any time you need help don’t hesitate to write here!

Best wishes!!


i’ll definitely try this out and i’m seeking to improve this language Big thanks for your help…


You’re welcome!

English will help in your Career Development also and not only on Fiverr!

So study hard and you will be successful on all of your goals!

Best wishes!


Hi :slight_smile:
You might be interested in a forum post I wrote a few months ago–

:penguin: May.