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Isn't it just great

…when someone contacts you, describing what they want, and it’s not going to be cheap,
you give them the quote, kinda sorta expecting them to say something like “Nope, too expensive, I know other sellers who offers cheaper prices,”

But then they accept your quote with no complaints, no whining, no negotiating and deal making, they understand the time and effort that is needed to get the job done, and once it’s finished they give you a very sincere “Thank you.”

Yup, it feels very nice. :slight_smile:

I feel like for every 25 messages I get, only 1 will end up like that haha… if i’m lucky!

A good feeling for sure!

But sometimes you give them a high (but realistic) quote hoping they don’t accept because it’s going to take you ages and you’ll have to turn down a bunch of other gigs, but then the rotters accept and you end up doing work you didn’t want to do! Or you get a dozen spam messages asking why your quote is so much more expensive than everyone else’s :slight_smile: