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Isn't this FIVERR?

Thought I found a great bargain until I realized that there was a zero after the five. Seller has NO $5 gigs. WTH? This is Fiverr. As in FIVE. Do I now have to wade through dozens of ads that have no $5 gigs every time I’m looking for something?

Bad move, Fiverr. Bad.

There are plenty of gigs that start out at $5. $5 is the base price. If you need extras you need to pay more. I am not sure what you are expecting for $5, but you certainly cannot expect for sellers to work for $1 an hour. Keep in mind that Fiverr also takes 20%. You can always look up new sellers they often offer bargain prices to get their gigs going. Best of luck.

Oh dear, such a problem for you, that you had to whine about it twice. Well, I replied in that other thread. You owe me about $40 for all this writing by my estimation. Please inbox me so we can arrange my reimbursement!

Like with any business, decide what your budget is for the project which you have in mind, then find a service which can provide what you want in line with your budget. This might mean approaching a different seller or a different platform.

As for Fiverr being Fiverr, everyone has to offer a base service for $5. In the case of many services, though, $5 won’t get you anything like a finished logo or 30 second - 1-minute custom video animation. You are perhaps forgetting that the work you want won’t magically appear out of the ether after paying $5 but that someone has to sit down, spend time doing it for you, and has a life to live off their Fiverr $$$'s.

Is Fiverr calling itself Fiverr false advertising? Not really. After all, Amazon has nothing to do with trees aside from the fact that lots of them die to make books and if I buy a Happy Meal I don’t suddenly start doing cartwheels or blow kisses to serial killers on my way home. - Not unless there is an exceptionally fantastic toy included.

Another good analogy is budget airlines like Ryanair. Yes, you can get flights from the UK to Greece for just £9 (around $14?) one-way. Probably. But not included in that promotional price is the taxes, VAT, choosing your seat, hold baggage, skipping the queue. All of these add up, and of course, the return leg is going to be much more pricey–99% of those flying will want to return sooner or later, after all!

At any price after you’ve added everything you want, you still get: the cattle class experience, no food/drink, cramped chairs, a selection of people who you really would rather not fly with, reduced customer service and flying to an airport that’s nowhere near the destination (another hidden cost!)

You can tell I’m not a Ryanair fan, but I still use them anyway because it gets me from A to B and I can tolerate all of this BS for pennies. I don’t want to pay another £200 with BA so I can get a crappily reheated meal and extra legroom. I can see the benefit, especially for old, cranky people, but it’s not one that sings to me personally.

Now, look at Fiverr. Pick a good seller, and yes, you can get them for $5, but you’re not going to get the full deal. You need gig extras for that. Even with the gig extras, most of the time, you’re getting professional work that would cost hundreds or thousands in the real world at discount prices.

So what goes missing? Let’s see, customer service could be lowered depending on the seller. Free consultation isn’t really built into the pricing. Just little intangible things that won’t really matter if the end product is awesome. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m getting bored of this analogy now and I’ve made my point.

Shop exclusively for the $5 only crowd with max face “value” and ignore extras, and you’re just going to end up with a bucket of crap and burst blood vessels about Fiverr’s scam. But, you know, scammers depend on people’s greed, desire and cheapness to wrangle even the smallest sums of money out of them. If you can’t realize that and get all caught up in a bloody name, of all things, then you’re an open target. Well done, you!

If you can’t see the value of that, OP, then you are someone who knows the price of everything, yet the value of diddly-squat. Ain’t you the King of a tasteful, fake Tudor mansion with a majestic gnome collection?

But for $5 you get the sadistic exhilaration of leaving a one star review and destroying a seller’s ratings–priceless!

Meh, cancel the gig. Or if it’s a completely unreasonable rant (one good reason to always over-deliver–aside from getting repeat work) get Customer Support in and flip birdies all the way to town at the buyer.

In your head, obviously. Remaining icily professional as a buyer has an epic meltdown is quite a lot of fun in itself…

Funny how clients who complain the most about a seller’s service price are usually the most frugal.

oh I know!

Cheap outsourcers who have read a get rich quick book should be wheeled out and shot.

Just as a defence of RyanAir now. You actually have:

  1. Preallocated seats included in the price.
  2. You now get 2 hand luggage bags, one can be any weight and is actually fairly substantial in size (think of an oversized handbag or a rucksack)
  3. Just £1 to skip the queue!
  4. Taxes are included in the quoted price!


Such a practices (infomercials, cold calling, spam) should be outlawed, with at least a stoning with dry ice as a punishment.

Thats actually a misconception about Fiverr. Yes, Fiverr started out as a platform that allowed sellers to offer services with a starting charge of $5.00. However, like every business in the world, Fiverr will evolve to meet the needs and demand of those on the platform. Do you think you can get every type of quality work for $5.00, probably not. Services such as website design, 3D animation, 2D animation, proof reading, producers, graphics artist, columnist, feature writers and more require a lot of dedication and time, especially those on the digital side such as animation.

Now, the true meaning of what Fiverr has become. Fiverr then still holds true to its name, allow sellers to charge in increments of $5.00, in fact everything is based around that $5.00 increment, so unless it is a custom order, you’re not going to see prices like $14.00 or $22, all are $5.00 multiples, hence fiveRR.

Cost for everything is rising, not to mention as the platform grows, more maintenance is required, instead of Fiverr taking more than 20% from sellers, they did a smart move to allow sellers to upsell. Instead of keeping to the same old features, they’re enhancing the site as we go along. There is much to consider than just yourself.

So if you’re thinking you can come onto a bargain site and be even cheaper, then Fiverr isn’t the place for you, if however, you sit back and think about it carefully, perhaps reconsider your thoughts, then I think you’d find you’re in the right place.

just my two cents from a humble seller here on Fiverr.