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Isn't this totally UNFAIR?


Before the buyer leaves the review everything is totally fine. They don’t even complain or ask for any changes in the work. So, based on that i leave 5-star review. But, then i see, that the buyer has left 2 star or 3 star with a lame excuse. I could defend that point if i would see the review before providing the review. Now, people will think that as i have left 5 star, he was a good buyer and i am totally bad seller. Isn’t the situation becomes that? But, all time buyer can’t be right, can they? They can even not noticed something and think that i haven’t provided that and provide a bad review. But, what’s the fault of seller in that case? Why fiverr is imposing is type of unfair system of us? Don’t they want that we keep working here? If they don’t want, they just can block all accounts. Why is joke for? Surprising!!! I really hate the blind-review system. You can’t even ask for review modification or can’t even ask why they put bad review? WTF?? That means seller only works for money here? Then why do you rank the gigs by rating? Totally UNFAIR and ILLOGICAL!


This is fiverr rules :tired_face: we can not say anything for that …For that sometime I complete my the project first then i told to place order and once i got scammed also :joy:


absolutely unfair and frustrating for the sellers i wish fiverr would change it


That’s not the right procedure. In that case, if the buyer takes the work and don’t place the order, you have nothing to do. And even if they place order, yet they can leave a bad review.


I did that some time because i did not want to get bad review or cancel the order … Fiverr should update those things.Once a buyer get the delivery he can not cancel order and if a buyer place order by mistake then if he cancel then our order cancellation rate will not increase …


Me too. We can’t even justify our point why the buyer leave a bad review. Previously, it was possible to defend buyer points on the feedback. But, now not seeing their review, i provide 5 star saying “Thank You :)”. And they provides 1 star saying “she was a nasty girl”. Isn’t this a joke for a seller?


Right! Buyer makes mistake, choose the wrong gig or package and then just ask for a cancellation. And our order completion rate decreases. Fiverr’s total system is to fun with the seller.


i agree with you actually it haven’t happend with me yet but by hearing other sellers experience i feel so bad i hope it will not happen with you again and with me also


Even once a buyer mistakenly placed two orders at a time. So, he asked for cancellation of one order. Ultimately, i am the loser.


well i can see that you are level two seller then you are a senior seller on this platform and you know better then but i have suggestion for you that you should contact with the buyer before starting the order and if the discussion not goes well then cancel the order mutually to avoid bad reviews
well don’t take other away


But Once A buyer was placed two order by mistake but i didn’t accepted those…He wanted to place one but placed two . He told customer support and they had cancelled one order and my order cancellation rate did not increased that time i felt happy.


I have mentioned on my gig description and even in the requirement section several times to contact before placing any order. Most of the buyers don’t even message before placing the order. They don’t even read the gig or packages carefully and place order with a ton of works in a low price. Ultimate result is cancellation or bad review. Do i have anything to skip it? Nooooo.


Is there anything like accepting the order in Fiverr? The seller doesn’t have any option to accept or reject the order. If the buyer places order, that’s it.


my choice will be mutually cancellation instead of bad review and it’s fiverr we have nothing to do with it so we need to be smart


Yeah, when i see it’s not possible to carry on, i tell to cancel. But, whether it’s cancellation or bad review- both hampers gig ranking. And the recent times, it’s not even imaginable that the buyer is going to put bad review. They don’t ask for modification, they don’t express their dissatisfaction, just put a negative review. And depending on the experience, i put 5 star. Whatever, there is nothing to do, i guess. I just hope fiverr changes this system and gets back to the old system.


yeah it’s really a problem if they don’t share there thoughts during the deal time


This is how Fiverr was designed to work. You should have everything a buyer needs already listed on your gig page. The buyer selects a package for the services they want, and they can place any order right then and there. There should be no need for a buyer to have to contact you before they place an order. You can certainly ask them to, but they shouldn’t have to if you’re using Fiverr the way it was designed to be used.


totally agree with you but here what happened next your post will be flag as some inappropriate thing and than nothing,


Yest there are lots of such things which unfair for seller. the customer support, they always take buyer’s side no matter who is wrong or who is right. LOL. because they know seller will never leave the site because they get paid but buyer do. they may stop buying on fiverr. that’s why. If i do speak about these unfair things i have thousand things to talk. but i don’t want talk about them. because fiverr will never hear for sellers with those unfair thing complains. so keep silent. work here or don’t. That’s it. no one forcing you to sell here. :slight_smile::+1:


In that case, they should read the gig carefully before placing order as well, isn’t it? But, unfortunately most of them don’t bother to read the gig description. A few days ago, a client order and asked for signature. I made the signature. And then he said he wants a handwritten signature, not a HTML signature. If so, then why did he placed order in an HTML signature gig? I have clearly mentioned in my FAQ section, that i don’t make or modify logo or banner. Yet many cases, clients ask for that service within the gig. Above all, it doesn’t matter what’s my services terms and condition is, some client doesn’t bother to read or maintain them.