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Isn't this totally UNFAIR?


If a buyer placed order may be there is a option that "I what everything and something whatever "If you click on this then the countdown will start … I got that option …


Then perhaps you need to be clearer in your own gig description. If people are ordering the wrong thing, the onus is on YOU to make sure there is no confusion. Clearly, something about your choice of description is confusing buyers. Don’t immediately jump to blaming buyers, when it may be something YOU can fix.

You’re right, there are SOME buyers who don’t read a gig’s description. However, as an example to the contrary, I’ve been a successful seller here on Fiverr for almost five years. In that time, I’ve only had a small handful of people express confusion over something I’ve written in my gig or package descriptions – less than 0.1% of all of my buyers at most. And, when there has been confusion, I’ve further clarified my descriptions, and have never had that problem again.

And that is a fact, drawn from my thousands of orders over those five years.

If buyers are “accidentally” ordering the wrong thing from your gig, then they are clearly confused by what you offer, and it is YOUR responsibility to remove that confusion.


Now we have the option to write our experience 2nd time and this review will show on buyer’s profile.


I agree with Jonbass on this one.

Let’s take a look at your title, for example.
" I Will Email Signature, Html Email Signature Clickable Signature"

You will email the client a signature? Not a very pro way to express your services.

Similarly, the overall gig description is at a very simplistic level, which most of the times attracts people with a simplistic level of understanding English. Add this to the fact that you are working on the cheapest end of the spectrum and you have the recipe to attract some of the most nightmarish customers.

The simple question here is: How can you expect to attract high-quality clients with a low-quality description?

I am saying this with the intention to help you. If I would look to buy an Email Signature, I wouldn’t choose you because of the way you wrote about your services.

I don’t think that is Fiverr’s responsibility here. I faced difficulties in the beginning, but after I got enough reviews I increased the quality of my services and the prices of my gigs, and therefore 99% of my clients are really awesome people as a result. They make me proud to work with them and for them. But is not the merit of the platform. It’s my merit, because I did the necessary changes and I adjusted the prices in such a way that I attract the people I want to work with. I am also not afraid to cancel work that is not suitable for me and to block people that don’t know how to respect.

Sure, anybody can come and order from us, but I can bet you that the majority of people that spend their money without reading the gigs are in the 5$ range. If someone is spending 100$ on a gig, you can be sure that they read the description 10 times before investing their money.

Now, I don’t say that it’s wrong to stay in that price range. If that’s what you want, go for it. But when you have your services at the lowest price possible, easy to be ordered by virtually anybody, you should expect to get a lot of trouble with it. It’s like the difference between having a very selective club vs the cheapest bar in the whole city. Sure, you will get more clients, but you will also get more mess for less money.

There are many things that I agree they should change at Fiverr, but hoping and praying and arguing for this is a waste of time when we could simply raise the quality of our clients by simply raising our own standards and quality. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Again, I write all of this with the intention to help you and to showcase that is within your power to make the adjustments necessary to avoid these kinds of situations to the best of your abilities. You can take some notes from our advice and start making some changes. Or you can keep stating that this is unfair, but that won’t help you with anything.


I wouldn’t fully agree with you.
Buyers quite often doesn’t read description and actually even the name of the package
For example: I have a logo gig where I offer 3 packages (signaturelogo , modern and illustration/icon logo) I thinks it’s already quite clear from the names what people would get. On top of that I have short descriptions under each version clearly stating what will be included in each package (e.g text logo only, or logo with illustration etc) and on top of that I have a description which goes in detail and in some parts saying in caps “don’t order this package if you need an illustration” etc.

But guess what? I still get a lot of clients who didn’t read anything, they already surfed on fiver for a long time and assuming that all packages for my work are the same and just offering different final files delivarbles as many other cheap services here do.

Most of my clients actually amazing and when I reach out to them to explain the details most of them prefer to upgrade to the right option. But of course there are still quite few who can even start blackmailing.

To sum up: it’s not always a seller fault, and I can understand why those mistakes happening. On the buyer side I’m also tired of hours of looking for a good services and pages of descriptions and gigs and you just loose attention in some cases. Nevertheless…


I don’t know what you understand by HTML signature and hand-written signature? If you think both of them are same- then i have nothing to say. I have clearly mentioned everywhere that i make HTML signature. Now, Should i put the definition of HTML signature as well, on my gig description? LOL


This happened to me, sucks!


While I agree with you that no measure can stop everyone from ordering something that it’s not in the correct package, I still have to conclude that taking no measures at all is the worst case scenario. As is becoming defensive at good advices from veterans.

Just because things are not working perfectly here doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to make it better for us. #StopSettling


This is bad logic on Fiverr ! I agree with you …


If it helps you then yes.

Look, it doesn’t really matter what you do with your gigs. We are not the ones handling those requests and cancelling orders, you are. If you prefer to do nothing because a few clients didn’t read the gig description then that’s fine.

Jon made a recommendation and I agree that if you want something to change then t’s your responsibility to take action.


That is a good advice indeed and nowhere near it was a criticism. But my reply was as an older veteran of fiver to another veteran :wink: I’ve been here quite a few years and actually making my living of this and people do need to take into account both sides. I see a lot of advises here like “everything in your hands just work on your gig” and while in most cases that”a true and those gigs needs a loooot of improvement that might actually put a lot of sellers under pressure, psychologically getting in a vicious circle of blaming only themselves that they don’t get any orders. (Where we all know that it’s a big gamble with fiverr) And that’s not a best mind state to give a great service.
But I do agree that the first thing to look at is if your gig actually crystal clear for a client and wouldn’t cause any confusion or doubts of buying.


This is the feature I have been requesting for couple of months from the Fiverr Support, glad its implemented now. This is totally fair because you don’t have to reply to a buyer review instead you have to share your honest experience with the buyer. In one of my case, I left a 4 star review for the buyer and when I saw that the buyer left a 5 star for me, the buyer immediately messaged me that “why did I left a 4 star for him?”, I showed the buyer some of the communication that gone off the order and that’s what made me to leave 4 star for him. Hahaha its a nice feature, I LOVE IT :wink:

So, this will make the buyers more responsible, and next time if the buyer orders, he/she will stay right on track as far the order is concerned.




The thing I said about being defensive wasn’t about you. :grin: Sorry for the confusion. You made some solid points.

The idea was that we voiced over thousands of times how it’s not fair to get penalized for cancellation that are not our fault. Fiverr did nothing. That’s why I am saying this is a dead end. The only thing we can do is focus on the things we can control. And we do control (to some extent) what kind of people we attract, even if we like to admit it or not. Or at least we can control the reactions we have towards them.


I also happened that with a client (it was not so much the difference but it was something that affected my reputation), I was not a conscious client, since I wrote me when it seemed, every 2 to 4 days I had news of her and asked me for small changes at every moment, but to make them I had to do everything again, I had to tell her that it would have an additional cost if she kept asking for changes of that kind and she was satisfied (luckily I decided to do the project by the inbox and showed my work with watermark), she made the order and I gave her the complete work, then I rated it with 5 stars as everything seemed to be going well, (she even sent me emoticons with kisses and smiles). And when I see my review, in the communication section with the seller, she put it incomplete, when she was the one who had bad communication with me.

If you read my story, thank you very much!

Now I’ll tell you my opinion, I also think that the way in which the reviews are done, is very badly done and against the sellers, because if we run into malicious customers we lose, being damaged, impotent and unprofessional for our potential customers.

Hopefully Fiverr can see our concerns about this issue and change it to its previous state or we improve the way do reviews in a safe, fair and beneficial for everyone! :grin::pray: