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Isolation stress, can't buy masks or sanitizer either!

hey, I have been having to buy groceries for my whole family as they are in isolation due to coming back from overseas, in Australia anyone returning must self isolate for 14 days. It’s stressful because the grocery store stopped doing deliveries as they couldn’t cope with the demand. At the same time you can’t buy masks or hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol ANYWHERE! I am just praying for everyone who may be going through something like this, or anything related to COVID-19.



I am still surprised that people hoarding hand sanitizers but stores are still full of soaps.

Soaps are more effective than Rubbing alcohol. So it’s the same effective to wash your hands after going out, just don’t touch your face during your outings.

You don’t need it if you are healthy, they are useful in this situation only to protect from spreading the virus if you are sick.


@mariashtelle1 is correct… most stores may be out of liquid hand sanitizers, but I’ve been seeing plenty of bar soaps. Those are just as good as liquid hand soap. Heck, dish soap should work too – I wash my hands in our kitchen sink with dish soap all the time.

The point is to wash your hands with soap and water. Soap comes in many formats.

If you can’t find medical face masks, use a bandana or a scarf. The point is to stop YOURSELF from potentially spreading the virus. Medical professionals have been saying that, if necessary, bandanas and scarfs are better than nothing.

Don’t fall into the “you’ve gotta have only this” hype. A little creativity and common sense will help keep us all safe during these challenging times. :slight_smile:


Soaps and hand wash that kill 99% of germs are all sold out but they have the normal ones, very low stock though and in California and NY they are now recommending anyone who leaves the house wear a mask. I feel like it’s better to be safe then sorry, at the moment though I just use a bandana around my face. I had to deliver groceries to my grandma who is 93 I can’t risk anything. :heart:

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There’s nothing wrong with “the normal ones”, if that’s what is available. Soap and water. That’s the key. It doesn’t have to come from a package that says “kills 99% of all germs”. :wink:

Buy what you need. They’ll restock overnight, and if there’s high demand, they’ll have more shipped in as soon as they are able. Maybe you’ll need to try a few morning visits to the grocery store (before the shelves are emptied later in the day).


Like other already mention, soaps are great for hands, no matter what type.

But, if you need disinfection for some items (eg. door knobs and anything else), if you don’t have alcohol ofc, you can use vinegar, or better to say, vinegar+citric acid (it can be lemon if you don’t have) and water. But, in all of that, vinegar is most important. I know it doesn’t smell good, but it is good disinfection. I am using it as I couldn’t find anything else in stores.


Vinegar does not kill viruses unfortunately. Hydrogen peroxide does kill viruses. Vinegar isn’t a disinfectant. I just read an article in Consumer Reports about this.

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Stay Safe & patient. God save us all

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Hand sanitizer is antibacterial, rather than antiviral. You’re better washing with soap.

Vinegar and lemon juice are antibacterial. Add Tea Tree essential oil, oregano, thyme and even lavender - all of those are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

You can make your own masks- there are plenty of tutorials on youtube for those with or without sewing machines. It’s easy … but a bit fiddly.

Take a breath, folks - this is going to be with us for some time. Constant stress is bad for the immune system, so breath, do yoga (or whatever) … and be open to solutions, not looking for problems …



Jokes aside, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle of sanitizer in a store since it all started. They just vanished from existence.

Yeah, same here. I did some panic shopping on Saturday, asked the delivery guy how they were doing. He assured me things were under control, people’s shopping habits haven’t changed that much and there was no hysteria whatsoever. By Monday the delivery option just magically disappeared from every major grocery store’s website.

That and clothing brands started selling washable masks. They get a bad rep for being useless but one of my Canadian clients is currently sewing cloth masks for the nurses, and according to the nurses “it does 30% of the job, we’ll take what we can get”.


This doctor has much good advice for protecting your family from COVID 19.

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It does kill it. It has alcohol in it and we are using this combination for years so I know about it.

I wonder what smell you get from all that combination, but I bet it is better then just vinegar.

If vinegar killed viruses then why not drink it for stomach viruses? Or drink it to cure intestinal flu? Or put it on wounds or cuts?

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“or” rather than “and” @arty182925 - find the best combination of essential oils for you. At least you’ll know you still have a sense of smell …

To kill viruses, hand sanitizer (or anything else!) has to have a concentration of ethanol of 95%, according to this research from the NIH

Soap and water is best.

Oh, and bleach will kill viruses, Miss C - don’t drink it.


I’ve read about people drinking bleach to kill the virus.

I just watched a article saying the reason why we low in supplies, or out is because china bought it all and got it shiipped into there country! They just banned it now, no no more exports of ppe anymore! Also a funeral guy in india said they just ordered 200,000 body bags! crazy

No need for a mask or hand sanitizer if you never go outside. And that is the only way to really avoid this horrible disease. Keep your kids and family inside too.

Don’t believe everything you read. That article sounds just as a click bait and not like a reliable source. I wouldn’t google to prove if it’s right or wrong but I will give you a couple of question for some critical thinking:
All countries has contracts set up in place on the amount of export and import. Usually they have few chains of suppliers coming from different countries to sustain flow of products in case if there is a political/economical problem with one of the suppliers. That means that they need to honor their deals and they can not just say that let’s say Australia wouldn’t get their groceries (or whatever else) just because China decided to buy it. Everyone has contractual obligations.

However supply chains are indeed suffering right now because this products have never been in such a demand and there was a certain amount of stock produced. When everything suddenly got sold out it still takes tome to produce it. And now it’s not only to produce it but also increase the capacity of your factories to produce higher amount of stock. Which takes time. And we are in the situation where a lot of factories have been stopped not even talking about increasing their production.

I’m sure China is buying a lot but they are also sending a lot of help including physical goods to other countries that need more help.

So I totally wouldn’t take seriously that article. Or I would’ve done the research to confirm that info.


Yes, Miss C - you’re right. And they die shortly afterwards. Drinking bleach is never a good idea.

Ditto some people in the south of Iran, who heard drinking alcohol was a cure … so brewed their own ethanol, drank it … and died.

Also not a good idea to consume hand sanitizer.

Soap and water, social distancing … and the science is beginning to indicate wearing a mask - even a home made one - may help.

Just fyi,@honeyhiphop, China is now exporting tonnes of medical grade facemasks, since they’ve got the virus under control.

On the bright side, intrusive facial recognition technology is, for the moment, a thing of the past. In the UK, we’re very suspicious of it …


I can help you if you need, because I’m in China. :smoke_smile: