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Israeli Writer Starting Out on Fiverr

Hello and shalom!

I am a freelance writer currently living in Israel. English is my native language and I am fluent in Hebrew. I came to Fiverr in order to create more stability in my writing career. My gigs here on Fiverr are based on what I love: Israel, fitness, and writing. I feel that I have unique experiences as an Israeli-Chinese American who moved abroad in their teens to discover the world.

I’m still relatively new (I created my gigs about a week and a half ago) and to my surprise, I’ve already received a few orders and five-star reviews. I consider myself lucky and I want to continue working hard in order to bring in more traffic to my gigs.

Even though working on Fiverr is very daunting for me, I’m pushing through. I think that I’ve already improved greatly in my writing. My longterm goal is to make enough money so that I can invest in a proper work-from-home setup. My short-term goal is to reach the status of a level-one seller.

I’m very proud of myself for starting to write here on Fiverr. I also admire everyone else here who is pushing their boundaries and really getting their name out there.

I would love to hear what your gig(s) are about, and how long it took you to get a steady flow of clients.

Yom tov (Have a nice day)!
Natalie Sun


Welcome to Fiverr @nataliesun24 , and congratulations on getting so many orders in such a short amount of time! :slight_smile:

It shows that you are definitely doing something right. It is also clear to me when reading your gig (and I am sure it is clear to your customers as well) that you write very well, so they are ready to trust your gig even though you are new.

My gig is about translating between Danish and English. My client base almost completely changed every time I raised my prices (I started out at only $5 per 1000 words, and my rates are now at $5 per 100 words). It took me about a month and a half after I created my gig in May 2018 to get to the point where I had to pause my gig often because I got too much work. Now, with my prices being relatively high, my orders are much more manageable. I do not get many orders, but I have a few reliable clients who place very large orders every month.

I am sure it won’t be long before you have a lot of regular clients as well.


Wow, thanks so much @vibronx! You’ve just given me a lot of inspiration. I’ll definitely contact you if I need any translating done. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I would be happy to translate for you.

I have also placed your gig on my favorites. I might be starting a blog in the future where I could certainly use some quality writing. :slight_smile: