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I don’t know what some buyers think of sellers. $5 is a very fine rate for a 700 word SEO optimized article. A client comes to me, I write him a free 600 word sample on the topic he provides. He liked my work and asked me to write 50 articles. When it comes to budget, he offered me just $ 60. fiverr keeps 20 % of the net payment. This kind of attitude must be discouraged.

You gave your work away for free initially, $1 per article is better than that. Dont do free samples, as you said, $5 is excellent value for an article so let them pay for their samples. These guys who ask for free samples are not serious buyers, they are taking a chance to see if you will do it. What if he had 50 writers all giving him a free sample?

I agree with @eoinfinnegan. If someone needs a sample, they should consult your portfolio. Beyond that, you can send them a custom offer to do the sample.

Then don’t encourage it.

I don’t know what some buyers think of sellers.

Based on the fact that you gave him a 600 word article on a subject of his choice free, I know what he thinks of you. I’m just surprised he offered so much.

There’s a saying in English: “give someone an inch and they will take a mile”. You gave them a free sample, and they then expected this gracious low, low cost to extend to all your future dealings with them.

Every time I have given an inch (in freelance work), a mile has been taken from me. Sometimes, if I’m in a good mood and I feel that it might get somewhere, I’ll give that inch.

I have never been rewarded for this. These buyers are trash. Just don’t bother.

If you are a buyer like this, yes, I think you are trash. Complain if you like, but you are trashy, so what could anyone expect? Trash.

What the buyer is asking you to do is exploitation, pure and simple…there are laws against this!