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Issue about Response Time

Due to unwanted and unintentional issues, it took me 10 hours delay to reply to my 1st client. Now, my “Response Time 10 hours” is showing. Which seems to be having a bad effect on my profile.
What do I do now? Please help me by giving your valuable opinion. I am very worried about it. Thank you.


I can see Avg Response Time 5 hours in your profile.

Do not worry too much about response time.

Next time you reply sooner the average will go down again.



Yesterday, I was able to reply to a buyer in 5 minutes. Therefore, the response time has been reduced from 10 hours to 5 hours. As a new seller I was a bit nervous. Feeling a little better now

Thank you for giving me courage and like.


Don’t give up hope sister… everything will be ok :blush:

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You have 24 hours to reply. As long as you don’t go over that, it doesn’t affect your profile or ranking. If I remember correctly, buyer do not see your response time on your profile. That’s just information for you and Fiverr.

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Thanks for your helpful info. I was also very concerned to see so many people worried about their response time. Now, I understand the matter clearly. Thanks again for informing me about this.


Thanks for encouraging me, brother. It really gives me strength . :slightly_smiling_face:

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