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Issue in buyers requests listing

Hello Seniors and Fiverr team,
I am facing an issue that is in buyers request it shows me that there are requests in numbers but it does not show the all the requests in the list kindly check this screenshot for better understand.


Another issue is when i am online on fiverr my online Green sign doesn’t go green most of the time. It remains grey mostly. What is the issue with that and how i can make it green all the time i am available and online on fiverr ?!


Fiverr closes each BR after so many sellers from a level respond to it. So, the BR is closed for your level of seller, but still open for other levels.

If you go to settings and it says you are online, then you are showing as online even if your dot is gray.


OH Okay… understood. Thank You for your quick response. :heart:

I also had the problem on the website (not the app) with the Fiverr online sign mostly remaining grey even when I was online, and so what I have to do is reload the website a few times and then it’ll turn green! I hope that helps!

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Thanks. I understood it now. It really helps understanding

This is Dave, the Fiverr green light guy. We got a technical support call from this area? Something about the light not working.

I’m waiting on the tech crew to return from a job in South Carolina. When they do, I’ll personally climb the Seller Hub and see if I can’t get that light going.

Sometimes it just takes a good smacking. Other times, and you’re really not supposed to say this, we just paint the grey area green. It seems to work pretty well, although last week we painted this guy’s light after we found out that it wouldn’t turn on. Someone mixed up the colors and it came out purple. Turned out, it would show that he was online, but only when he was in his underwear.

So avoid that purple thing.
We’ll be with you shortly.


Thanks, Dave for keeping our green lights green!

I’ve been having the same issue for the past couple of days too. I haven’t even seen any requests in the past 3 days and I check constantly. Mine is stuck at 4 requests.

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