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Issue in Gigs Publishing

Hi All,

I am facing Issues in Gigs publishing from the last 1 week. I have also completed the test after that facing issues in gigs publishing. and also unable to retake test also.

Please help me for the same.


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ME ALSO HAVING SAME PROBLEM. :disappointed_relieved:

I am unable to retake Test also.

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have you got a reply? actually I am facing the same situation

How many times have you taken the test? You can only retake the test once. So if you have taken the test two times, you can only retake it 3 months later as per the rules here:

If you have only failed once yet cannot retake the test, then there may be a bug.

im also suffering from the same issue. Although i have got 8.5 marks in my test and still my gig is not publishing what should i do in that casFACING THE ISSUE FROM ALMOST 3 MONTHS…