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Issue in order delivery

I need urgent help.
A client picked one of the gigs offers where I am offering unlimited revisions. I have sent many drafts to the client as per his given information but he is not happy, He asked me not to send modify draft.

Do I go to the cancelation? order is at revision mode but the client has asked me not to share any draft. What do I do? please guide me

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If you offer unlimited revisions, why are you complaining when the buyer requests them? If you offer them, prepare to deliver them.

I delivered more than 5 times, but client is not happy. What I do now, The client put the order on revision but not ready to receive any further draft.

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Well, you shouldn’t add unlimited revisions to your order. Also, everything depends on the quality of your work. But remember - if you cancel the order (or the buyer will), it will afeect your rates

What if we leave it incomplete ? as client is not ready to receive modify draft

What kind of revision have they asked for? If they’re asking for ‘fixes’, then you must continue to provide them. If they’re asking for more work beyond the scope of the order, then you might be able to cancel, but then you won’t be paid for any of the work you’ve done.

If the work is in ‘revision’ you can let it sit, but it would be better to redeliver what you’ve done and let them know that if they need changes, they need to submit them with the revision request.

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Client is not ready to receive modify work, Do I leave it complicate?

WHat does it mean “not ready”? You can just deliver modified worl, no matter if the buyer is ready or not.

I delivered 5 times but he put the order on revision again & again

Please try to ask, what EXACTLY is the problem?
Are you sure, that you did this work according to the requirements?

He has shared some information, on the base of information i have drafted a press release.

In every part of revision buyer has to explain, what is wrong and what they need - if you already did what he asked, than just contact CS. If he don’t know what he wants, contact CS

Thank you so much for your valuable input

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Unlimited revisions means unlimited revisions.

Don’t offer that unless you want to do that (you don’t).

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I do, But client asked me not to share anything.
Client was not ready to receive modified work. He wanted to work on it by himself

What I do now? I generate Cancellation or leave it as it is. Last deliver was made 2 day ago

What does that have to do with unlimited revisions?