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Issue in Order Extension

The Buyer message me and ask me to write the press release, He shared inital information and request me to send customize order, when I asked for detail information, he said that he will share it in the night and request me again to send the offer, I sent it. But later, he asked me he needs some days (2 more days) and asked me to generate a request for data extension.
I submitted a request and the client accept it but the order is canceled. It was the second order from the client. I have worked with him before.
What I do now to resume my ranking to the previous level. I have all the record of communication with the buyer,

Take this as the lesson it is: Don’t start an order if you don’t have all the information you need.

Also, it sounds like you didn’t submit a time-extension request, but a cancellation. In which case there’s nothing you can do but wait two months. Cancellations have consequences.

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I have just started Fiverr, My evaluation is due on 15 Aug. That’s why I am worry. I am not sure, I will get chance to continue or my account will block by Fiverr. My order completion rate reduce to 82%

Why would your account be blocked for one cancellation?

I just shared six links to that information.


It’s not my job to educate you.


You do know the forum isn’t here to spoonfeed you and do things for you, right?

She was nice enough to send you information. It’s so rude and silly to ask her to do something for you.

How can you expect to succeed if you can’t even be bothered to read?

We all take initiative to figure things out and do them on our own. You can, too. We don’t do it to spoonfeed lazy sellers.


I’d also like to know why you are selling writing when you can’t even write a grammatically correct sentence?

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