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Issue in Withdraw

hi there can anyone help me
i have apply for withdraw through bank transfer two month ago but it till showing “your application has been processed” and payoneer is not aproving my account. now can anyone tell what i have to do

Direct bank transfer takes much time you should use “Fiverr Revenue Card” for payoneer transaction. Thats what i am using and it works for me in minutes.

Contact Payoneer Customer support to verify your account.

i have contact many time but they not solving my problem yet

how much time it take and how many charges apply ?
can i use it in pakistan? please tell me in detail
thank you

Contact Fiverr Customer support

If you can’t verify your Payoneer account, Fiverr Customer support won’t do anything. It’s not on their hands.

Then ask them to at least release your associated Fiverr account. Call their number using hangout, calling is effecting than sending mail. They don’t care about mail I think.