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Issue Not getting orders


I am level two seller and also gig on the first page. But I am not getting the order. Please tell me fault in my GIG.

Here is my FIVERR GIG or

Looking for your response…

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Hi Chris,

  1. Utilize all the available options for your gig. Video, pdf, etc. Make sure when creating a video that you have a few selections to split test. If you feel you have a good idea to what your core demographic is, I would suggest finding suitable royalty-free music to add to it while tossing in a few transitions.

  2. Your about the seller, doesn’t provide a visitor information about YOU. Utilize this section by making it more personable.

  3. Go through your sales and see if you can find any commonalities, requests made by your clients that you currently don’t offer OR had to make an exception for when working with them.

Lastly, I tend to make it common practice to take a peek at what my fellow sellers are offering. To make sure I’m in line whether from a product or service stand point. YOU are appearing online so that’s always a plus.

I hope my feedback has helped or given you some things to consider.



Thanks for your advise!!

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You deliver an order 5 hours ago …!

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Its revision, the order came 2 or 3 days ago

@nayan_das !!!

Serious issue for me @chris_ld

Personally I don’t see any fault in your gig. A lot of other freelancers are getting few orders. Hopefully this situation will be over soon. Don’t get disappointed.

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Ok thanks

thank you for all!!!

Thanks for the great tips

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@brandexpert8 :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys i thought it was just me! i’m also on the BEST SELLING page, not even a single message! :confused:

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@pixel_evo same situation here :upside_down_face:

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@pixel_evo Hope so you will get order and message soon!!