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Issue on not getting order

Hi all,
I know there are a bulk solutions for not getting order issue. I am not sure what is wrong with my account. I am getting impression and click both, but not getting any order. I have optimized my gig also. Can anyone help me out here?

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Keep patience. I get my first order after 6 month

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@yarasin I am looking at your Profile and I see at least 98 Sales on Gigs and 104 reviews indicating more sales have been made (maybe on deleted Gigs) since Sept 2017.

So the Q is how is it that you are saying that you have no idea how to get orders?

Are you fibbing about something like maybe how much success you have had or maybe you just took over this account, or maybe none of those orders were real - purchased through a ring???

If you are a Master Funnel Builder (and they work) surely you would have a steady stream of people sliding into your Gigs.

One wonders.

Now maybe there is a really good reason that I do not see from the info provided here. If so, this confusion I have may help answer why sales are elusive as maybe overall there is just something around the way you present things that leaves people wondering how honest and reliable you are?


Just wait, and work hard, active on fiver and forum etc. Hope, you will get order.

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The issue is i am not getting order now, and for you information all of orders & reviews are real

There is no reason to despair. The current world is competitive. There have been many good designers. One is moving ahead of the other. Updating. If your gig has some different variations, you will get lots of orders. The buyer must like the gig. Go ahead.

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