Issue regarding buying the gig


hi , i have 8$ in my fiverr account and want to buy gig , but when i try to do it , it goes to payments gateways and ask to pay via paypal , than how can i use my money?


I’ve had previous buyers let me know to split up orders for them so they could apply a credit. So I was under the belief that you can’t use the credit unless it’s to purchase a $8 gig. Hopefully someone else can shed some more light on the situation as well.


As per Terms of Service, you can buy a gig with the credit only if the credit covers the full amount that you need to pay (in other words, if the gig you’re trying to buy costs $8 or less). If it’s more than $8, you can either pay everything with PayPal, or ask the seller to send you two custom offers, one for $8, and the other one for the remaining amount.