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Issue regarding Order completion

Hi there,
I’m a seller. I need to know that if one of my ORDER was COMPLETED on 5 September 2020, now on 30th September my buyer is asking to refund her amount. Is this possible to return her funds?


Hi. Why does the customer want a refund?

If you did the job to specs, there isn’t any reason to agree to that. If she wasn’t happy with your job, she should have asked for a modification within the 3-days-period that buyers have to check and manually accept, or decline, deliveries.

If it’s because of some error/s you made, personally, I’d offer to fix it, but even that would be your personal decision/customer service and obligingness after so much time (unless perhaps the order was something that made it impossible to check it within a few days).

Just “wanting a refund” isn’t a good enough reason to get one. If she just wants a refund for no good reason, you could quote Fiverr’s terms:

Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. You may rate your experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.

(If a customer missed the 3-day window to check and manually accept/decline the delivery, they have even 10 days to rate their experience, but even that window has passed for your customer if the order was completed on Sept 5, and she asks for a refund on Sept 30.)


Thanks miiila for your response.
“Actually, let me tell you the whole matter, she asked me for physical shipment of her work. I agreed to do within the said amount but now at the time of shipment the charges are high then the said amount ( DHL delivery charges are costly for international shipment). I asked her that it will cost more but she refused to pay more and now she is saying " she is not ‘really’ happy with the service and want her funds back.”
What I can do almost after one month?
I asked her if there’s any issue just let me know I’ll surely fix it but she didn’t reply.

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Ah, I see, physical shipments are a problematic service on Fiverr for a few reasons.

I’m not quite sure if I understand this right - did you actually ship the item and ask for more payment later, in a gig extra? Or didn’t you ship the item yet because you waited for her approval of the extra charge?

If you ship physical items often, maybe you can to incorporate a higher than usually needed shipping price in your gig, so that it will balance out the eventual case of sudden higher shipment charges for an order, or to monitor the shipping prices closely and edit your gig/s accordingly.


contact support for help


Please contact fiverr support .
I think it’s not possible to refund.

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Miiila, it’s not just about delivery. I worked hard and completed my task of 150$ and the delivery charges was only 25$. How I can refund complete amount as I’m done with it? Does it make any sense? Yes, I can send her back delivery charges only if there’s any possibility of refunding but I can’t compromise on my hard work.
Yes, I contact CS. Let’s see what they say

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Yes, done. Thanks for your reply, Shahriar.

Yes, done. Thanks, Jasmine.


No, of course it doesn’t make sense to refund if you did the work. But you didn’t give enough info to know what actually happened, she might have asked for a refund before you had done and sent anything. Well, you’ll have to see what CS says in any case now. Good luck.

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No, she didn’t say anything before. Infact, I made her satisfied with the work at the time of online delivery. Now she is asking at the time of physical delivery (shipment).
Yes, let see what they say. Thanks

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@sabashahid448, Physical delivery! May be new word here.

Yes, you may say. What’s wrong in it? Physical delivery of product here we are talking about so in that context I said. Also, I mentioned ‘shipment’ in brackets. :slightly_smiling_face: