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Issue related to denied gigs

my gigs are denied and I am unable to publish new gigs because the old ones are unable to delete. the reason was giving Gmail to customers and I was unaware of this policy. can somebody suggest what to do now?
Thanks in Advance

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It was part of the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you became a seller on the Fiverr platform.

You will have to wait to hear from the Fiverr Saftey and Trust team. You may be banned.

Dear how much time did the response from the Fiverr safety team can take?

  1. Not knowing the rules is not a valid defense for violating said rules.
  2. Calling strangers “dear” can be construed as odd or inappropriate.
  3. If you received a warning or suspension notification from Fiverr, they would have contacted you already with further details.

With only 11-minutes of read time on the Fiverr Forum, I’m not surprised you are in the situation you are in.

There are rules here to be followed.

They are not suggestions.

You break a rule, you get penalized.

'Nuff said.