Issue relatiing to the buyers request section


I see a lot of sellers posting requests in the buyer’s request section. i was wondering whether they do get sales by doing this


Why does it matter? Are you thinking of breaking the rules and posting as a seller in the Buyer Request section?

Don’t. Fiverr does not appreciate sellers doing that.


this will answer your question.


Quite a few ones in the section in question. I reckon more than 50% of the posts there are Sellers advertising their stuff. I have to browse for ages to find an actual client wanting some help. Great.


Isn’t that better, though, than not having any Buyer Requests to respond to? :wink:


Well, I guess. The buyer requests are something new for me anyways. All my orders so far came, well I don’t know how they came, but I never applied to a buyer request, or promoted myself on social media. I guess we can call that “luck”.


we need a report button to report those type of seller who post in buyer section


can i see your fiverr gig