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Issue with a buyer


I asked the customer to please provide me the information for the text, then the buyer goes and cancells order and says this I specified the size already.The links have the content for the banners.Seller is unattentive. I’m asking him to make sure I was right, also have 11 hours still to work on the banners, I want to make sure before I make something so I don’t waste time. I think buyers don’t seem to care about sellers


He also gives very little detail only provides links and such does not say what Needs to be on them specifically.


Sounds like a buyer you should be glad to be rid of~


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Quote "I think buyers don’t seem to care about sellers"

I’m here to buy, and I fully intend to out-source many small jobs to Fiverr sellers - but you’re right, we buyers don’t care about you as a seller - and why would you expect us too.

We Care About:-

Our Businesses

Our Products

The Items we buy

Provide a good service, and the ‘good’ buyers will return for more, provide enough good services, and the seller will eventually ‘care’ about you as a seller.

celticmoon, might be right, you might have dodged a bad buyer - its a two-way street.