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Issue with a delivered work


I delivered a GIG 3 days ago. I know I have to wait 3 days if the person doesn’t complete the GIG.

The problem is, seems like the person “completed it”, because I have her review on my GIG already, but I couldn’t post a review back on it, because when I check my Manage Sales it keeps telling me that the GIG is delivered and not completed.

I must clarify I received the notification on the Fiverr App (I wasn’t at home by the time), I check it to post a review back but it didn’t let me…

Someone knows what happened?


Is there anything in your to do list saying "how was your experience with the buyer?"

ie logging in from something other than the app.


I have done feedback on the app but I don’t think it worked, can’t remember had a few problems with replying to messages etc as well. Not sure as it would have been from clicking on one of the messages I got and not sure if that was from emails or push notifications. I just do it when I get home and it’s on the full site on my laptop. It would be so great if the app was a little more functional but is good to quickly respond to people whilst out and about or whilst I am half asleep in bed haha.


It doesn’t appear (How was your experience with the buyer?).

It’s a shame I couldn’t left a feedback because her is an awesome person and I loved to work with her.

By now I have the work complete because I told her to click the “completed” button again, but I can’t leave a feedback. It seems like a bug between the App and the website.

Thanks so much for answer me.