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Issue with Affiliate marketing using Paid Ads(no registration)

i started to promote Fiverr as an affiliate marketer. i used Google Ads and Facebook ads, i have spent over 50usd over 4 days of testing different links and different ads.
Even if im new in this field , i think i managed to make an acceptable targeting, the issue is that i got more than 200 click but 0 registration.
Does anyone have experience with promoting Fiverr using paid Ads ?

Thank you


Does Fiverr allow you to use paid ads to promote affiliate links? None of my affiliates do. :thinking:


Typically it’s not allowed, I think, because you can end up competing with the company. Some affiliate programs allow advertising but with retargeting only.

I think this person needs to review the ToS they have agreed to and learn a bit more about how ads work.


Thank you for your reply.
I have done some research about that and i don’t think that it is not allowed.

The ToS says that we cannot bid using fiverr mark but nothing about other keywords, and they don’t mention that paid ads are not allowed in the TOS.

From ToS:

“Sponsored Link” means a link offered, created, or displayed for a fee or any commercial arrangement by any internet search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service which uses search terms or key words to identify, draw attention to or direct internet traffic to an internet site.
You shall not use, procure, bid on or otherwise arrange for a sponsored Link which uses or includes any of the Fiverr Marks.

Also, they are clearly saying in the affiliate blog that we can use paid ads:
If you are investing in paid promotion methods, you’ll likely want to receive your commissions as quickly as possible so you can reinvest the funds. This means the existing CPA model might work best for you.

Here is the link of the Affiliate blog article (recent article Jan 2020):

in any case, i have sent an email to fiverr affiliate and will update here if i receive a reply


here is the reply from Fiverr Team:

  • The short answer is that you are allowed to use Google and other search engine paid ads, as long as you don’t send the paid traffic directly to Fiverr (You have to send the ads traffic to your own website/landing page and add your Fiverr affiliate links over there), you are not allowed to bid on any Fiverr brand-related keyword and your ad must not mislead potential customers into thinking you represent Fiver in any way .

Regarding the relevant T&Cs, please read these rules carefully:

Fiverr is responsible for each wording and picture it promotes on the web as a company. Therefore, direct Fiverr promotion on Facebook and Google is not allowed. You can’t use the Fiverr trademark or pretend to be Fiverr. You can only recommend from your objective.
Here are the T&Cs that the affiliates must follow regarding referred traffic:*


I wasn’t aware that anyone used paid ads for affiliate marketing unless they had a website the affiliate links were on.

And usually that website was well made and featured a lot of content and many other links of a similar nature to each other.

Thank you for you input. i will try to have a website to be used as a gateway for the paid ads.

For sure. That’s how successful affiliate marketers do it. I’ve seen some great case studies.

Every now and then I see an ad from a Fiverr seller with a Fiverr link.

Thanks! I knew there was no way you were allowed to link directly to Fiverr in your ad. It wouldn’t make business sense for Fiverr or any company to allow that.