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Issue with buyer over source file! Please help

I have sent my buyer everything , he has marked my order completed as well.

After that he is requesting me for source file - it was 150 design which i made on but he want cdr file of all 150 design!!
And to give him cdr i have to do it all over again!!
But canva is also a editable source file which i have given him…

Now he is threatening me that he want cdr file only… and if i don’t give then he will get me banned from fiverr


Do you advertise that you offer .cdr files?

Is it clear in your gig’s description that you use canvas and which types of file are delivered?

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File type is not mentioned in my gig

On one of your gigs you mention file types in the description which includes CDR (whatever that is!). On another the file types (you ticked boxes when creating the gig) don’t include CDR. Both of the graphics gig mention file types.

If the buyer ordered the one that didn’t mention CDR, point it out to him - politely!

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Yaa! But the order i got was for travel quotes one in which i have not mentioned about the type of file…

So that’s why I don’t know what should i do now?
Because 150 design in other format is not easy to make again

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Absolutely. Point it out to him … and make an offer to do the CDRs for an additional - extortionate! - fee …

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@coerdelion is correct. If he hasn’t already bought the package with CDR source files, he doesn’t deserve them. You can,

  1. List down his initial requirements and point out everything clearly
  2. Ask him for extra offer, if he really need source files

Also, threatening is not allowed on Fiverr. You can contact customer support if he is still doing that.

OK. Let us review something.

You gave him something from Canva where you have PRO or ENTERPRISE account, correct?

Both of these accounts give you permission (licenses) to sell the work created in Canva but does not give you the right to resell original unmodified artwork.

If you gave him something from Canva and you only have Free account then it is all against Canva TOS. This is just part of it:

This One Design Use License Agreement governs the terms by which Users of Canva obtain the right to use Pro Stock Media in a single Canva Design. If you Export a Canva Design that contains Stock Media you wish to license under a One Design Use License, you agree to be bound by the terms of this One Design Use License Agreement, the Canva Privacy Policy and Canva’s Terms of Use which are incorporated herein and made a part hereof by reference.

If you want to use any of Canva’s Stock Media, you have to pay to obtain a license or hold an Eligible Canva Subscription.

If you pay for a One Design Use License, then you can only use that Pro Stock Media in one of your Canva Designs. While the license allows you to change aspects of that specific Canva Design (such as colours or text), you may not Magic Resize the design or edit the PDFs, PNGs or JPGs you will need to pay for another license (unless you hold an Eligible Canva Subscription – in which case you can Magic Resize to your heart’s content!)

So if you are selling artwork made with Canva and you did not purchase a license for them, it is against TOS.
If you are selling artwork made with Canva you can not share source file, the license is only valid for one time one design one client.

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I have the subscription + i m not reselling… i have made the design from scratch without canva stocks… i have used another stock images!!

Issue is that I can’t give him cdr file… which he is insisting me to give!!
For that i need to work again from the start!

He don’t want to pay!!

I have listened that Fiverr support always listen to buyers problem only!! Not sellers

Nope. CS often support sellers. But they’re very busy right now, so be specific, attach screenshots and tell them you don’t want to cancel.

Which one, PRO or ENTERPRISE?

Great. Since that is not allowed anyway.

In what program? - this question continues after:

Why? I am all OK with you not sharing source files if he did not pay for them, but I never heard that graphic designer creates something in vector, exports in PNG, and then deletes vector file.

You should have all the vector files on your computer. Why delete vector files?

What if he needs revision?

It doesn’t make sense that you created something in vector (high quality), export in a raster (low quality), and then deleted vector.

If this is your modus operandi you should seriously consider changing it.

Fiverr support supports even seller in worst case Fiverr will give seller money from Fiverr fund and return buyer his amount such thing happened with another seller friend of mine .But i believe Fiverr is fair with both buyer and you did your part dont worry point this issue to Fiverr support try to convince him if i get any solutiion to CDR will let u know

Also, something is strange with your packages, basic includes commercial rights
but premium doesn’t and there is no option to buy them either

i think she filled it in hurry do correct this soumya